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Moksha The God In Vedanta

Moksha The God In Vedanta

The God of Upanishad is not that
what we “speak about” but the speaker!

Not that which eye can see
but through which eyes see.

Not that which you pray
but that in the absence of which
you cannot pray.

The word “Maya” of Vedanta doesn’t
mean illusion nor it means it is false.

It means, it is not the way you know,
experience and see. It is different.

If you want to know the absolute existence, “Satya”
without Maya then take a step back
and see everything including
your mind and body as an object.

Moksha of Vedanta is not received
from your Bhakti or Karma
nor it is given by God.
It is about dropping off
your notion that you are bound.
But how that is possible?

If some devil has bounded you
in the shackles and then disappear
then some god is required to free you up.

But if you yourself have purchased shackles,
tightly bounded yourself and then crying for Moksha
then even if you god come to help you
you will not be free,
because you will not handover him
the key through which you have bound yourself.
On top of that testing God and waiting for his miracle,
To free you up without your handover the key of the lock.

Even if some miracle makes you free
Will you live like a Mukta Jeeva?
Impossible! because human love to create
walls for himself and then cry for help and freedom

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari