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Mirror, Image and Face

Mirror, Image and Face

You go before a mirror for various reasons. When you have doubt, when there is a curiosity, when someone compliments or points something out or just for the time-pass.

When you are before the mirror and the mirror is clean then you can never miss your image while looking there. Here are three entities: you, mirror and your image in the mirror.

While seeing an image if you find some spot in the image then either you clean the mirror or you clean your face. But you cannot do anything directly with the image.

Your mind is like a mirror, your karma is like a real object and your experience is like an image in the mirror.

If the mind is settled, peaceful, calm, clean then you can never miss seeing your true image there. Now if you find some defects in that image then either you clean the mirror i.e. mind or clean your face i.e. Karma.

What is the use of saying and repeating I am sinful, dirty etc. Nobody can give you a better experience, if your Karma gives you bad experience then clean the Karma. But there are people who keep cleaning a mirror and hoping for a better image.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari