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Mind and Manas

Two different concepts, Mind is not Manas

The difference between Mind and Manas is not only of language. Normally we think Mind is enlgish word, Manas is Sanskrit word, मन is Hindi word and they all are same. But, they all are non-physical.

The logical capability of each human brain is different. In Sanskrit we call this Buddhi.

Due to this reason when different people see the same event they reason it differently.
Some are able to see the same event mentally and intellectually from 100 directions, some from 10, some from 1 and some even cannot see the event happening before their eyes.

Reasoning is such a wonderful processing ability in humans that it has the ability to bring all the events on the same plane without emotional bias and it allows seeing things as is.

In fact, if the mind is calm, free from emotional swings, free from attachment of mine and yours it can help you become judge and do justice. Without logical ability, the human race cannot even think about justice.

Without reasoning, you cannot generalize concepts correctly and learning is nothing but the process of generalization based on observations. Without reasoning no learning is possible hence no science is possible. Because science is nothing but a generalization of rules based on the patterns which you see in the nature.

The beauty of reason is such, if I enter into some different dimension of the event and tell you a unique reason that you normally couldn’t think of, you will accept my point, and ask yourself how did you miss that. Some people will say it is common sense.

So common sense is nothing but logic which is expected to be used by the masses all the time.

Technics like meditation, silent long walks or wandering, sitting long and seeing from the peak of a mountain, on the roof of a high-rise building improve your ability to reason.

Without reasoning, one cannot live like a human, without proper reasoning which is lesser than common sense society will tag you dumb.

With emotion-free reasoning, you can see things properly.

Therefore cleaning and calming the mind is necessary so that you can see without illusion.

Reasoning has to do with your intellectual ability and not your emotional ability but both are the functions of the brain. In the Indian context, we have Manas and Buddhi, both have different purposes but there is no concept of “mind”. Indian people who have long traditions of Yoga know this very well but when an Indian uses the word “mind” he is confusing himself with this western concept.

Hari Om Tat Sat Yours Truly Hari

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