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Meditation Perspective Of A Practitioner

Meditation Perspective Of A Practitioner

An English word Meditation has many meanings
Today I sharing my perceptive on a Samskrut word Dhyanam,
which is an integral part of Indian yogic traditions.

Meditation is a process.
We know any process has input, activities, and output.

The duration of this process can be as short a 12 seconds.
With this duration, we call it Dharana or concentration.
The duration of Medication can be as large as life itself.

The larger is the duration more is awareness.
When the duration is large, the final output doesn’t matter.
Because every moment you pass in that state
a transformation is happening in you.
This is the state of oneness.

The degree of oneness depends upon
the intensity of your meditation, your nature,
and the framework being used.
In that state, breaking the meditation
and coming out to receive the benefits is not wise.

Is output wonderful?
The answer for that is you need to jump in
the water to know the joy of swimming.
Don’t ask it others.

This is a process of awareness
This is a process of dissolving your physical identity.
This is a process of identifying yourself as nonphysical.
This is a process of identifying yourself with the creator.

This is a process of disassociation
yourself from the entities and events around.
This is a process of dissolving
all named relationships.
This is a process of owning
only one relationship with the world around.
The relation of a mother.
Knowing that I am conceiver and deliverer
of the phenomenon world around.

Now, let’s see the inputs of this process
To enter into a meditative state,
when this process effortlessly happens in you
you need some preparation.
This preparation prepares
quality input for the process.

Thus input should be clean, pure, and pious
What does it mean?
This means the body and the mind
with which you want to perform this process
Should be stable, healthy, and clean.

Any pain in the body, and desire
of good or bad in the mind,
any emotional and sensational
disturbance in mind
will toxify the input.

Garbage in garbage out
is the principle of process engineering.

Like a copper pot, the more you clean more it shines,
An extremely dirty pot
if you clean for two minutes it will be clean.

But it will not be as clean
as it becomes after your rub it for ten minutes.
If you use lemon or tamarind it will be cleaner.
This way more time you spend to clean,
and the higher quality material you use
to clean more cleaner will be the copper pot.

More cleaner the pot
For more duration, you can use it
for your rituals without cleaning again.

A healthy mind and body is like that
We know it will never be the perfect
But our efforts to keep the input clean
and healthy will impact the process and its outcome.

After input, let us now see activities.
Activities depend upon a method
or a framework or a system or traditions you choose.
You can customize these methods
based on your need and nature
But the overall architecture of one system remains the same.

Vipassana, Shambhavi, Shoonya,
Kundalini, Zen, Transcendental, etc
are a few examples of the frameworks.
A framework may emphasize more on breathing
Or sensation or imagination or sound
or taste or smell or Akasa or an object
or combination of these.

Some framework gives importance to the place,
environment, body motions, and movements of eyes.
But all emphasize on the presence of mind
in present and awareness.

Because of other life priorities,
if you have to exit the process
and move into either daily mundane activities
or challenging activities
the impact of a few minutes of intense meditation
remains with you a whole day.

How long it will remain
it depends upon how intense was your meditation,
what kind of activities you do a whole day,
what environment you live in.
what are your food and drink habits?

If you avoid doing this process
to gain some power,
which can be used
for your physical enjoyment
then it will give you better results.

If you do this process
to learn how to be a witness
of all the phenomenon world around
be it creation or destruction,
be it birth or death,
be it make or break,
be it loss or profit,
be it coming and going
then more you will be blessed by this process.

Don’t do this process with any expectation
(productivity, peace of mind, good relationship etc)
Don’t do this process for any gain of future
Don’t do this process for pleasing or showing others
Even if you are doing it before your Deity, don’t do it for the Deity.
Don’t do this process for acquiring occult powers.

Do this process, out of love and respect
As this is the best biggest things
which our ancestors could give to us
Do this process to live in the present
for a few moments of the day.

Results need not be seen and praised by others
The result need not be explained to others
But results will transform the way you see
Life around, relationship, work,
gain-loss, pain-pleasure around.

O Pratibimba, could I inspire you
for experiencing this wonderful gift
which is available only for humans?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari