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Light vs Darkness

Light vs Darkness

Darkness in the whole existence is natural.
It need not be created.
Darkness is universal.
But by effort if you can bring light
then darkness disappears!

Where does it go?
Does it get contracted or Displaced?
If you light all the places then
will there be lessor darkness
in the world because it has been displaced?

Like total energy and mass
of the universe is conserved
Total darkness and light
of The Existence is conserved.
You cannot eliminate darkness by light.

Matter is another form of energy.
They get transformed into each other.
Energy replaces matter.
You see a large iceberg,
It can be turned into a huge power of steam.

Darkness is another form of light.
That another form is called absence of light.
Darkness is light replaced by absence of light.

Energy is more universal than matter.
Darkness is more universal than light.

Accepting the existence in totality mean
accepting light and darkness together.
Without disproportionately appreciating one over other
Leads to accepting the existence in totality.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari