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Life In Awareness

Life In Awareness

When you are in a deep sleep
There is no dream, no awareness
of the inside, the mind, and body
And no awareness of the outside world,
the clothes you are wearing,
the bed and place of your sleeping,
the time of your sleep,
persons, relatives friends, foes around you.

At that time there is no experience of time and space
No influence of forces of time and space upon you
No misery, no pain, no gain, no loss,
No love, no hate, no enemy, no friend
Nothing is yours, nothing of others
Non-duality in unawareness!

But that time all these really cease to exist?
No! they all exist but you are not aware.
Do they exist the same way,
the way they exist when you are awake?

No! because your awareness
influences everything around you.
No! because you also create
a lot many things in your mind.

Consciousness is all-pervading in the space
And beyond space
In all the inert and live.

Consciousness is spanning in all the time of
past, present, and future
And when there is no time

For our senses, there is no place where is no space.
But for our mind, there is an experience of no space.

For our mind, there is no time when time is no more.
But in our life, there is an experience of no time.

How come we experience something
Which doesn’t exist like no time and no space?

Consciousness is not like air,
because it also exists where no air
not like darkness, because it also exists in no darkness
not like light, because it also exists in no light
not like goodness, because it also exists in no goodness

Awareness is local and limited to the boundary
When physically boundary is human
then it is called is a human life
When animal then it is an animal life
When society then it is a social life
When religion then it is a religious life
When culture then it is a cultural life
When nation then it is a life of a nation.

Without awareness
An animal is no animal.
Human is no human.
Society is no society
Culture is no culture
Religion is no religion
A nation is no nation

It looks like human or animal lives
are the lowest form of self-aware entities
And society, religion, culture, nation
is the collective awareness of the living people, animals, etc
All these are part of bigger systems.

But think if your hand, stomach, legs, lungs,
and heart are self-aware or not?
If they are not self-aware then who makes them work?
Don’t fool yourself by saying the wish of god!
By that logic even society, nation everything is run by god!

So, if all parts of my body are aware
Then what is that smallest entity which is self-aware?
Body cells? Molecules? Atom? Subatomic particles?

Awareness in the gross body is percolated upside
From the subsystems of which a body is made
But consciousness is not like that.

So what happens at sleep when you lose awareness?
Do you have consciousness in the body?
Of course, consciousness is full-on in all space and time.
But awareness is dimmed
Individual body parts are aware and they work
because they have consciousness
and dimmed self-awareness.

But in the deep sleep state, the body as a whole
even with the omnipresent consciousness
doesn’t have awareness of the self.

Awareness gets dimmed when you over eat
You are drunk, lost in anger, lost in lust, and sleep.

Awareness is the basis of life
Your body parts may have
consciousness and self-awareness so they may survive
but if you lose awareness of your body parts
then very soon you die even with self-aware body parts

With awareness, we can make dying parts, live again
Without awareness, we can make
our perfect working system dead in a course of time

Whether it is the body of an individual,
or family, or culture or nation
It is the awareness of those lives
who are part of the system,
that makes the system live.

Physical Body or society or nation
of unaware person, citizens are consumed by maggots.

Chemical substances, drugs, selfishness
are poisons of the system they reduce the awareness

If you are in favor of life for your body,
culture and nation then chose awareness

But for that remain at a distance
as much possible from toxins,
mind-numbing substances, selfishness.

Life is definitely not about forgetting past bad events
for which we need to consume something to forget.

Life is definitely not about mindlessly enjoying
getting engrossed and losing control over the body
for which we consume something.

Life is about living in awareness,
For that, we need to learn to handle our own mind
And it is not by trying to forget something.
or pretending to forget something.

O Pratibimba, In the absence of awareness
There may be consciousness but no life.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari