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Knocking Your Own Door

Knocking Your Own Door

When you live alone in a house and due to some reason go out then after coming back to your door you should not ring the doorbell as you do when we go to other’s hours. We open the door. Nobody will open your door from inside because the insider has gone out and there is no one inside. We all understand this simple logic but when we need to apply this to our spiritual dimension of living we fail.

We have gone too much outside in the world and are not able to enter into our kingdom of happiness and waiting for somebody will open the door from inside. This is not going to happen.

Either you don’t go out or go out with a key, and when coming back use the key to enter the house. Hoping others will open this door for us is an illusion. They can create another house for you outside of your door but cannot open your house from inside. Guru or your God doesn’t open your door but helps you find you open your keys so that you can enter inside. But there are enough who are not interested in knowing about the key or opening the door.

Are you still waiting for someone else to open the door for your freedom and happiness?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari