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Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

About Enjoyment

Life is a process and in life we do processes
Something is given to us as an input
We do some actions on the given input
And we produce some output
Input is never 100% in our control. But, the quantity and quality of the benefits
depends upon how the output of a process
is perceived by the receiver.

The output of a process and
Benefits of the output of the process
are two completely different things

Even though input is not in your control
It is expected that you control the output
By your will, skills, and hard work
You can try and influence that to a great extent.

But, the benefits are are not that straight forward
Benefits are always about perceptions.

Managing output of a process
where you have control may be easier.
But managing perception is never easy.

No matter what is the quality of output
If a receiver has a negative impression
about you, your team, your company, and your product
then it may be futile to try to convince.

If blocker in the receiver
is knowledge then you can try.
But, if the blocker is as subtle as ideology,
philosophy, blind faith, eroded trust
then how do you convince
the benefits of the output of your work?

If we live a conscious life then
input for our actions can be filtered and purified.
Actions can be improved
and output can be most probable as desired.

But, even with the highest consciousness
and the best output you may not
deliver the benefits as expected.

If we want to control the uncontrollable (benefits)
And let go of the controllable (actions) in your life
Then life is going to be full of boredom,
rejection, loneliness, tiredness, and frustrations.

And all this lead to a search
for other means of enjoyments
That is why for most Friday is beautiful
and Monday is stressful.

Reflection on benefits and output of our actions
helps us improving our actions
it also helps improving input criteria
But how to do it if all the time focus is fear of failure?

It is easy to say keep eye on the goal and work hard
But practicality if all the time you remain
obsessed about goal and benefits to others
You will miss life, you miss the process,
you miss the game, and finally
you may miss the output and benefits.

Whether in life or in business
If I know what is the purpose of business
what is the purpose of my role
What I am supposed to do,
Then acquired the right skills to do the work at hand
Then why should I keep the goal always in my head all the time?
Cannot I do it playfully?

No matter how much trained we are
If we are always on high alert
If we are always working under the cloud of fear of failure
We are going to get broke very soon
With all money in our bank
Is this what we want to earn
at the end of the month or year?

Just think about who is happier
A musician who is playing to make the audience happy
or a musician who is playing to enjoy his best

A sportsman who want to ensure that his team should win
or a sportsman who is playing his best.

A project manager who wants to get
five-star rating from his customer
or a manager who does his best to deliver what is needed.

A person who prepares food to demonstrate his culinary skills
or a person who is putting his best to make nutritious food.

A soldier who is fighting his enemy to demonstrate his bravery
or a person who is ready to die in the war and
never bother what happens after his death.

Whether you are a manager or musician,
artists or scientist, employee or employer,
daily wage worker or contractor,
soldier or a farmer
If you always focus on the benefit
then stress is part of your life
To create happiness for other
and make money for your family
do not earn miseries for yourself.

Whether it is reading or walking,
Doing accounting work or managerial work
Doing research or creating a piece of art
Sooner or later we need to learn,
how to keep money, recognition, other’s happiness aside

Sooner we need to learn
how to enter into the game of life
Acquire all the skills to play the game,
improve our skills every day
And play our game in the best way
If we enjoy a game the best
Then it matters least what happens to the output of the game
It matters least who is happy with you or who not
It matters least how to manage perceptions.

Ask yourself, you are working because you are happy
Or you are working for happiness?

O Pratibimba! Is it so difficult to understand?
or Cosmos has written some other fate of human?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly