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Indian Technological Advancement with Zero connection to Past

Indian Technological Advancement with Zero connection to Past

We complain in our society that a Bollywood hero gets quick fame, money, and reputation compared to a great scientist. We need to realize this is where we have brought our great culture of philosophy, debates, metallurgy, astrology, ayurveda, physics, mathematics and all other sciences. In the last 1000 years we couldn’t do much even whatever our ancestors have given to us. We worshiped and did pooja aarti of that, put that on our heads and in some puja rooms and temples. But never tried to understand and expand that body of knowledge.

In today’s culture people remember singers, composers, dancers, songs, filmy heroes, jokers and entertainers. There is a proper system to award them, celebrate their work, they have an audience for this, and for their work. But almost no recognition, award, audience for scientists (compared to artists). In terms of knowledge in ancient times we were better than today.

Today we are copy paste culture, seeking shortcuts, no ear for listening to our scientists. In this society we expect science to flourish, it is impossible. We may have lots of complaints against western culture but we must appreciate their one point: they respect their scientists, award them, and compensate them properly. Not only that if you go there as a scientist or researcher they respect you.

To verify this, ask people around the name of great Bhakta, Saint, Musician, God incarnation of the last 1000 years you will get many answers. I don’t want to put that list here you all know. Ask yourself, are we only doing this work for the last 1000 years or have we done some great work in the field of science and technology. You cannot even remember 3 names. Why? We didn’t have those or we don’t care for science and technology as our ancestors cared for it.

Today the fourth wave of technology revolution is going on where Indian scientists are. A population of 1.4 billion people doesn’t have enough scientific representation. This is a sure short way of slavery to technology dominator of 21st century.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari