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Indian Genes Inner Science

Indian Genes Inner Science

With time we explore the world outside
With time we dive into the world inside
Outside means which is available to all
All who have senses of seeing, hearing, etc.
Can explore the outside.

Inside means which is not available to our senses
For example food, you can search outside but hunger is inside
The beauty you see outside but lust is inside
Music is outside but the ability to enjoy is inside
Money is outside but the ability to give
the direction and purpose of the money is inside

Relationships are physical and hence bondage outside
but the sense of freedom is inside
Your favorite dish is on the table but the enjoyment is inside
A cut is on the skin, outside, but the pain is inside
Abusive words are outside but anger is inside
Every sensitive mind can explore inside.

When you live on the land which has sun all the time of the year,
six seasons, flora and fauna,
hundreds of rivers and fountain around
Then your outside need is taken care of by the nature.
With little effort, you will be able to fill your stomach.

Other things like house or cloth
the more you work the more you accumulate.
There is a start but no end to this.

There have been people in all the time
who observed the human life cycle carefully
and asked this question, What next?
Now what to do in the remaining time.

In this spirit, they landed into exploring inside
And it became so interesting for them that
they knew whatever is inside
is exactly outside in the universe

So, some thought why to search outside, endlessly
If we put our life in understanding inside then
In lesser time we can understand
everything inside and outside both.

That land is called Bharat, India.
If you keep aside suffering, invasion,
suppression, conversion
of one thousand years aside
and including today’s time
Then you will find Indians are highly spiritual in nature
Because external is taken care of by nature
so they didn’t rush much for outer accumulation
Competition, show-off,
Neither Indian valued those much.

On this land a person who leaves everything,
One’s family, property, friends, life mission
And perform his final rite,
the rite of cremation with his own hands.
And after this, he walks on the earth
Knowing that he doesn’t exist
What is walking now is a body
which is given by the Grace of Guru
It has come out from that funeral pyre
And now he doesn’t have
his own desire and determination

He doesn’t cook for himself
He doesn’t build anything for himself
He doesn’t earn money
He lives with a begging bowl
He lives with his Guru given body
He lives for self-realization, teaching
and strengthening society,
through his presence he reminds society
About selflessness.
Then he is called Swami (Lord).

Those who remain hooked to the
Families, properties, friends, and relatives
They are called “Samsari” (worldly),
“Daasa” (slave) of the objects.
So Daasa who has everything
Go to a Swami who has nothing
To get something or everything whatever he need.
What a beautiful concept is this!

In today’s time because of
western influences and missionary work
All this looks confusing to the people in our society.

In the last thousand years to survive
We have developed and copied different
methods for our cultural existence.
And in this process, lots of change happened
to our original thought process as well.

Indians are not foolish to reject the material world
It was so much available to them
That they never gave importance
to something which was in abundance or always available.

Now people have much more
to live a comfortable life than our ancestors had
Now even western people have enough
which their ancestors never had
So when comforts are taken care of, outside is taken care
Then why run so much in the outside direction?

Ancient people were much wiser
They chose to spend time
In research, discovery, and contemplation

Nowadays when we don’t have enough problems
Then we invent a problem for others or for ourselves
And spend time solving those problems!

We are losing those genes
given to us by our ancestors.
A curious mind, original thinker, deep thinker
contemplative, meditative, always seeking mind
are originated from that gene.

Very soon a day may come
when with abundant resources around
we will become so much materialistic
that we don’t know how to live joyfully and peacefully.

We are going in the direction
where we can remain restless and peace-less
with all the wealth, comforts, and technologies around.

When you have enough time
Then seek that which you don’t know
Or solve that puzzle that is mysterious for you.
Rather than multiplying your comforts and
increasing your security and insurance!

O Pratibimba, do you think
That I do not know all this?
I know this but where is the time?
The time to seek, ask, contemplate.
I am busy in gossips, TV, news, politics,
laughter shows because that gives me
a temporary rest from a hectic day

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari