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Importance of Skills in AI Age

Importance of Skills in The AI Age

While teaching data science and AI I emphasize
on the strong foundation of maths, stats, and programming.
Learners say cloud-based AI and AutoML tools are doing all this
What are the benefits of learning this?

Whether physical skills like driving, cooking, cleaning, washing,
Or mental/vocal skills like writing, thinking, speaking, painting, singing
The questions of humans remain the same.

When LLM, Transfer Learning, Tensorflow, and GPU
can do everything automatically in the background
then what is the need to dive deep and take pain
of learning maths, statistics, and programming?

My feeling without expression is
When teachers are teaching maths or stats in the class
Half the time teachers are lazy or
they don’t know the life application of their teaching.
Half the time students are lazy and they don’t want to know.
They want to pass the exam and have a degree.

My response to the concern is
Just because calculators are there
should humans stop counting mentally
and stopped doing maths on paper?

Just because AssemblyAI is there
should humans speak and document everything
without thinking and writing, because talking and writing is cheap?

Just because cars and motorbikes are there
should humans stop walking?
Just because mobile and social media is there
to connect with people at a far distance
should people stop putting efforts
in smoothing relations with the people living around?

Just because planes are there
And human goes on a very long journey
Should they skip the joy of traveling along the river,
On the unknown tracks in the forest
walking up and down the mountains?

Just because DALLE and MidJourney
can generate the awesome image
Should humans drop the camera down
and stop photography and painting?

Just because digital watches are there
Should humans stop counting the time using their breath?

With Process Automation, Machines, and AI,
We have come long and far
These have made our lives easier, that’s for sure.

Every individual has to ask him/herself
What do we gain by giving our mental and physical work to machines?
Our brains will rust, and our skills will fade
Our reliance on machines may make us Ghost
that has a sick body and a dysfunctional brain.

The human mind is evolved over thousands of year
Around thinking, writing, drawing on the wall and papers
using ink and chalk.
Will it matter longer in the future?

WishperAI is generating music
Will humans drop Guitar, Piano, Drum, and Santoor
and listen the music of Guitar, Piano, Drum, and Santoor
without these instruments?

In the time to come autonomous vehicles will takes us
to all the places on the land, in water, and in the sky.
Will humans stop learning to drive,
fly the plane, and swim in the water?

When Robots are making good food at home or in a restaurant
Then will mothers stop preparing food for their children?
Will Mother order food via AI, from AI, made by Robot
and eaten by her Human child?

Who will do the programming? AI like Copilet!
Who will do the calculation? Calculator and Computers!
Who will write poetry? AI like GPT!
Who will compose music? AI like Whisper!
Who will write letters? AI like GPT!
Who will be hungry? Human.
Who will be tired? Human.
Who will be jealous? Human.
Who will fight with each other? Human.
Who will be rational and emotional at the time and make a biased decision? Human.

We don’t want machines should be biased.
We want them they be Yogi, equanimous (Samatvam) state all the time
If that is possible and we could make an unbiased AGI.
That would be the supreme God, who doesn’t hate or favor anyone.
This is better than today’s human Gods who are jealous and biased.
It will be better than humans
who are biased and hateful no matter how mature they are.

In this age of machines and digital tools,
We are faced with new challenges and rules,
Because we have grown accustomed to using these tools,
And in doing so, we are becoming fools.

To be peaceful we need drugs/nicotine/caffeine/alcohol etc,
To be healthy we need a doctor,
To travel we need a driver,
To manage relationships we need court, judge, and advocate.

This is the responsibility of each individual human that
This dependency either on humans like priests, doctors or advocates, etc
Or on the drug or alcohol or clubs and parties
Or on the machine, robot, or AI Should not make us the slave and helpless.

We should remember we are human
Who has the capability to create everything from within
We may live outside in the world
But our real home is inside.

O Chaitanya, we have lost touch with our human essence,
Our ability to reason and make sense,
Of the world around us, and in our absence,
We have let technology take precedence.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truely Hari