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I Hate Reading

I Hate Reading

Childhood was over and I was in school
I need to read books and write exams
Teachers and parents made it painful for me.
I hate reading,
I wanted to quit reading but
the only solution was to get a job.

I got the job in IT and I have to read more technology books
than I read in my school & college
Initially, I enjoyed it but when I realized
these people are writing more books every day
than I can read in my whole life.
I hate reading
I wanted to quit software development.

I realized management is easy
one become boss just by reading
a couple of books and having an MBA degree.
So, I entered in the management profession
Life was tougher, there is no end of
theories, methodologies, frameworks,
principles, processes, models, bodies of knowledge.
One has to read all that and apply
But, for that, you need to read human behavior,
the behavior of my customers, my team,
my management and competitors.
In management, I also have to become responsible
for the work of my team and
without reading the human mind it was not possible
I am a lazy reader and I hate reading

But after reading hundreds of book,
I wanted to quit management.

People told me to become a religious person,
You have to read only one book and life will be cool
Being Hindu I read Bhagwat Gita
and thought I can settle now
But to my horrible imagination
Hinduism has so many religious books
Which entire management profession do not have
and on top of that in the Sanskrit language
I read many books and became tired of reading.
There was no sense of accomplishment.
So, I wanted to quit reading.

In 2018 I thought Artificial Intelligence is a new field
I have to read less here so let me move to AI
I started my journey in AI
And to my disappointment
To understand AI, I have to understand
everything from my school’s mathematics,
Everything of my technology career,
Everything of management
and Everything of business processes.
From which I was running away
Is running behind me.
On top of that this field is changing so fast
that it is driving me crazy.

With technology, a change has come,
I need not read much
If I can listen, observe, analyze, apply and bring change
Then I can avoid reading.

I am a lazy reader and
a person who hates reading
But, I have to read thousands of books
on a different subject because of my need
What is the result?

Now I am realizing that I don’t anything!
On top of that when I see happy people around
I feel why to read all this?
One can be happy even without knowing anything.
I heard ignorance is bliss!

Then I realized it was not about happiness or bliss of life
But to swim in the ocean of my own ignorance
Trying to touch the boundary of infinite ignorance
Infinity does not have a boundary
So keep swimming your whole life in this dark ocean.

But after knowing the immensity of my ignorance
I started feeling, yes this is knowing.

And life is about knowing that ONE
who knows everything
even without any struggle.
Knowing that I am that knower of everything.
I am that knower who knows about the ignorance
That knower who is is taking rest
in the physical body, social body, and cosmic body
That knower which is traveling
in the dark ignorance of all the bodies.
And that knower who will exit
from this physical body one day.
But will exist always
as a part of the social and cosmic body.

O Pratibimba, to experience this kind of knowing
do I need to read further?

Yours Truly
Hari Om Tat Sat