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I don’t Know 2

I don’t Know 2

When a human is living in an uncertain or hostile environment
he feels helpless about his future.
In that situation dependency upon an unknown, unseen God is good.
Sometimes it is better to surrender rather than struggle.

But the tragedy is most of the time humans surrender
their ability to reason, experiment, and know.
He just believes in God’s wish.

Who created us? Our parents.
Who are we? The living creature on the earth.
Are we alone in the universe? We don’t know.
Are we the smartest in the cosmos? We don’t know.
How did the world come into existence? We don’t know.
How electrons, protons, and neutrons were created,
when they came into existence for the first time? We don’t know.
What is the ultimate cause of our creation? We don’t know.
Is there any absolutely good or bad action in the world? We don’t know.
Do we exist beyond our physical bodily existence? We don’t know.
Gravity created mass or because of mass gravity exists? We don’t know.
Where were we before our birth? We don’t know.
What happens at death? We don’t know.

We don’t know many things but we are not interested in knowing!
Because people are busy earning for their survival.
But what about those who have earned enough to survive?
Most of them are fearful.
So, they are busy worshiping or praying or praising God
in their place of worship or prayer.

Can’t they seek the first-hand answer?
No! Most of humanity has lost that ability
to ask questions and pursue answers.
They want a quick answer, the shortest answer.

Humanity never had this kind of tragedy at a mass scale.
The death of curiosity in most of us.
We think knowing the answer from a search engine
or downloading a pdf file on hard-disk means I know the answer.

For our survival, we need certain technical and professional skills.
Knowing the answer to the business and social world is the easiest.
Without knowing that we will be begging
for our two times meal, cloth, and shelter.

But once our survival need is not a big problem
Then, can we be curious and seek the answer?

Even old people who have enough money to survive
they are busy in entertainment and watching news channels
so that I know what is happening around the world. Why?
Because they don’t know there is another
better way of living life.

Is it easy to learn a different way of thinking and living in old age?
No, it takes lots of practice and patience
to tune the mind in different ways.

Even those people who are fully settled and
have enough money to take care of their needs
for the next three generations, do not turn inside
and be curious to ask questions.

Some ask questions but they have learned answers
from their religious books.
God knows. God’s wish. We are God’s slaves etc.

O Pratibimba! Can we make people understand that
the greatest thing to say while living is saying,
I don’t know and I am searching, I am curious?
I don’t know is the truest statement
when you don’t know anything firsthand.

But, even if you know the answer first hand,
even then helping others in getting the answer
from their first hand is a great help
but giving them your answer is killing their desire to search.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari