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Human Faith and Need Of God

Human Faith and Need Of God

Human life is full of uncertainties
Whether you are in a war zone
or playing sports on the ground
Whether writing software for a customer
or plowing with bullock in the field
Whether going to the office for your work
or traveling to an unknown place.
Risks are spread everywhere.

What is the risk?
An event which can happen
when you are doing something else.
You didn’t plan to do that but it happens.

You are going to your office and
while paying for the taxi you realize
you have forgotten your phone and purse at home.
Here risk has occurred.

You are planning to buy a car and you lose your job.
You are enjoying your picnic and you fall sick.
You are having a party and a police raid happens.
There are infinite kind of thing can happen
when you are doing something important in your life.

Sometimes the results of these events are bad.
Sometimes the results of these events are good.

You are in a new city and looking for a job
and you find job interviewer is your school time friend.
You are not liking your boss
and you heard she has resigned.
You are almost bankrupt and you hear one news that
you won a lottery of one crore rupees.
These are other kinds of uncertain events.

We wish that bad risk or
bad surprises should not occur
and good risk or
good surprises should occur in our life.
But, both are not in human control.

Human is a highly intelligent creature
Human has the power of imagination
So he wants to plan everything
When results are per his plan he calls it a success
or it is called fail, even if you do not tell
Others will remind you of your failure.
But, human knows always things
will not as per his plan.

How to handle those situations which happens
and produce results that he didn’t think off.
When I fail then how can I bounce back?
This is the place he needs the support of faith.
He says something more powerful
than me or my community
is controlling the results of my actions.

If I can influence that then
the results can be in my favor.
Some start looking towards the sky.
Some towards east,
Some towards west,
There are enough people around us
to tell the stories how their life changed
after believing in some XYZ,
or converting to ABC faith,
or when they gave ten rupees
to some poor people or to some religious place.
Religious books are full of those stories.

The cheapest insurance cover
in the situation of helplessness is belief.
Whether you are educated or uneducated
If you have stopped using
your mind thinking about life
and all the time thinking about so-called
realities or trauma or anxieties
or past failure of your life then the best way
for you to pass over this rough tunnel
is believe or take a drink and get lost.
Some chose method one some chose method two.

O Chaitnya, Is there any other third way
to handle the uncertain moments in life?

I think, Yes. Just be witness!
But, that is possible only through
long and sustained practice.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Stay Blessed