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Human Compulsiveness

Human Compulsiveness

Compulsiveness is slavery. Generally people people confuse this with their freedom.

Let’s say one has a desire to eat or walk or talk or, watch TV, or for that matter do any so-called good or bad activity. If one can do that activity successfully as per one’s satisfaction then one thinks he exercised his freedom to ‘think’ and to ‘do’.

Most of the time this so-called freedom is compulsiveness. It is coming from our deep-rooted behavior and condition mind. In nutshell called Svabhava.

How do you know it is freedom or compulsiveness? After performing an activity or after not able to perform an activity if you experience out of balance in your mind. Itchiness of mind is ‘oh yes, I have done it’ or ‘oh sad, I could not do that. If one is feeling too happy or too sad then it is was definitely one’s compulsiveness.

In the name of freedom, we are slaves of our senses, conditioned mind, and society/environment around us.

A human mind can develop a feature called Samatvam. Remain in the physical world and not get dragged by the activities of it.

We are not free even when we think we are remembering God that is another kind of compulsiveness. Just see around how people do Puja or Bhajan, without emotions without involvement! And how they live with children and family, completely sucked.

O Chaitnya, how to develop that mind of Samatvam which is driven by Dharma (fundamental responsibilities of relationships with people and objects around)? How, not to take our job, life, relationships, god, money, possessions, etc. so seriously that when they are with us we want distance, and when they leave us we are too sad?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari