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Human And His Faith

Human And His Faith

If you look at life deeper,
There is no other purpose of life other than to live.
We make a purpose, work hard for it,
If the purpose is fulfilled, then celebrate it,
But that purpose is Human created!

The creator doesn’t have any purpose.
The creator is playing.
The purpose of play is nothing but to play.
Win or lose against someone is a human purpose.
The creator does not have anyone against whom
The creator needs to compete.
The creator is alone and the lonely player.
We all creatures are being used by Creator to play.

It is like, you are alone in a forest and most powerful there.
You live there and play there.
But animals in the kingdom think that
this person has a purpose
that is why he does certain things
one day and other things on the other days.

Lila of the Creator is such that
you will never know what the Creator is trying to do.
The only way to know Creator is to think like Him.

With respect to the existence of the Creator.
There are the following types of people in the world

1. Those, who believe there is no Creator.
Like many self-made successful educated people,
who think that they struggled hard
to achieve and to become what they are.

2. Those, who don’t know there is something like Creator.
An unaltered naive small child is like this.

3. Those, who don’t bother about Creator.
People busy enough with their work are like this.

4. Those, who bother too much about Creator
and want to influence him in their favor. Like a trader.

5. Those, who bother too much about the creator
and believe Creator is very powerful
and that Creator cannot be changed
so don’t spend time making him happy.
Just be careful while living.

6. Those, who don’t bother about their work or life
but only about Creator’s work.
What creator should do or what he should have done.

7. Those, who think Creator has a purpose
and whole life thinking what may be the purpose of the Creator.

8. Those, who know Creator is there
and know it from their experience
and not from books and imagination of their mind.

From your experience do you know
any other Types of Human Being based on their Faith,
or with respect to their thought about the creator?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari