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Helpless Krishna and Missing Arjuna

Helpless Krishna and Missing Arjuna

The truth is Bhagwat Gita was told by a friend Krishna to his best friend Arjuna. That too when he asked.

Normal chit chat is fine but serious advice should not be given to your friend, if it is not asked. Today’s situation is such, we give suggestions to everyone, even to the unknown. Shaking someone for the reality so that one can search one’s truth is one thing but telling one the absolute truth, without asking, is not good practice.

Today there are people who are ready to teach Bhagwat Gita but Arjuna is missing from war field, sometimes Arjuna is there but he is so arrogant that he doesn’t ask his friend who can teach, other times he casually ask and wisdom is given but Arjuna doesn’t pay heed. Most of the time Arjuna in the war field thinks anything but Bhagwat Gita is the solution of today’s kurukshetra. So he does everything but doesn’t come to the point and suffers in the whole war.

Most Hindus are not interested in teaching, memorizing any book of any sect or religion. If you teach them then most ignorant will ask you practical questions. What is in it for me, don’t preach me heaven, hell and god. Please solve today’s problem. And this is that idea which should be highly appreciated in any practical man.

Even Vedas, Upnishads were not taught to all. Those who have strong desires to go through tough tests in gurukul entrance exam and then only admission. But even after that they all were Sanatani.

Today’s religion says if you do not believe in X or Y, A book or B book, C son of God or ‘A’ one and only ultimate God you will go to eternal hell on judgment day. What is the nonsense going on in this 21st century? Especially when we are saying we are an advanced civilization. Unfortunately in this competition Sanatani also joined because they think answers need to be given in the language other religions understand.

Survival is fine, social work is a great cause, unity is wonderful but this is not the way to realize the Truth.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari