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Greetings For New Year 2021

Greetings For New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

How do you wish someone a happy new year?
This depends upon with whom we are talking.

There are people who mindlessly speak, walk, eat, and work.
And there are people who are even
aware of their every breath at every moment.

What is meant by Happy New Year?
This also depends upon the person
For some, it has great significant
and for others, it is just another day of life.

Let me share my happy new year wishes for friends.
As a Meditator, thinker, philosopher
This is what I encourage you to think.

Earth moves on its axis and
human observe this movement as
Day and night, this is a cycle.

The moon rotates around earth and
human observe full-moon day and no-moon day
Human count the cycle and name it month
This is also a cycle.

Earth rotates around the sun and human observe
change of seasons this is another kind of cycle
Human counts the cycles and name it as a year.

A women’s body has inbuilt cycles
These cycles are aligned with the moon’s cycle.
Our body is an extension of our mother’s body
Hence our body is also cyclical.

Our sleeping, eating, working all are cyclical.
Till the time these cycles are aligned
To nature’s cycle, we are in good health
The day we are out of sync,
We have a physical or mental illness.

So human counts the cycle around
and name it a day, month, year.

When something is cyclical then
Can we say the cycle start at this time?
Obviously not! For our convenience
we say it starts at 12 am, or Monday or January

First January is important for humanity
Because of interconnected economies and businesses
Countries which has Economic power celebrates
Their new year on the first of January, so others follow them.

Ideally speaking, if you consider yourself part of a free nation
then your Independence day is your new year.
if you believe in individual evolution
then your birthday is the new year of your life.
If you follow some religious or spiritual leader
then his birthday is the new year of your life.

Whatever is the case
This is the time to reset the cycle.
To introspect, what I have done?, what I should do?
What I was expecting and
what environment around has given me?
what have I learned?

When should we do this?
Some people do it daily, some do it weekly,
some monthly, some quarterly, some yearly
and others when they get booted by life.
There are many people who never do this
nor understand the importance of this in life.

What we get from nature, government, friends,
relatives is a matter of time.
We only can ask or pray and nothing more than that.
What we can do for these is 100% our choice.
Let’s do our part in the new year.
Let’s pray for friends.
That they get the best physical and mental health.
They have a compassionate mind and do the right things.
They achieve their highest potential in the new year.

Until Next Time Remain

Blessed Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari