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Greetings For New Year 2019

Greetings For New Year 2019

We suffer ONLY in present. But this suffering happens either because of repentance of the past or fear of the future. The past has gone and the future will come. But there are people who start praying in present to secure the future. The future is full of possibilities & we pray in the present so that when the future becomes present then the possibilities which become the reality should bring happiness for us and the people around us.

So today, at the launching pad of the new year, I pray in this present and request you to join in your present (when you read this msg), if you agree with me that.

Let all walls of religions, languages, colors, genders, nationalities, races, regions, political parties, and ideologies fall in the future.

May I live with an open mind that I am a human being and the most intelligent species on this planet so I must be the guardian of all other living or non-living around me.

May I get timely intellect and intelligence to understand that when a time has come to forget bad of my own or of people around me.

May I get timely intellect and intelligence to understand that when it is important to forgive ourselves and the people around me.

May I understand that in this constantly changing world I, the observer of the change, am the only constant & permanent because all changing phenomenon is physical and I, observer, is a non-physical?

May I understand that pain is inflicted on my body because of physical injuries and it takes its own time to heal but suffering is a thought living in my mind and it can live an exceptionally long life, even carry to our next life. Therefore may I get the wisdom and I learn, how NOT to suffer.

May I learn it experimentally that I am not the first nor last human race on this planet so I should produce, consume, accumulate, throw objects carefully.

May I understand it intellectually that this is not my first nor last birth. So, if I come back to this earth again after a few years I should not feel that what dirty things I have done in my previous life due to which I am facing these many problems now. The problem may be related to eating, drinking, living together in a peaceful way, etc. The truth is whatever good or bad we are seeing around us is created by us either in this life or previous life.

May I always get the company of wise people around me.

May I also become wise enough to understand that who is wise or who not around me.

May unwise people go away from my physical and mental existence so that I do not suffer because of their influence upon me.

Love & Regards

Hari Thapliyaal