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Greetings For New Year 2017

Greetings For New Year 2017

In our life, a new day comes every day
but only once in 365 days a new day also comes with the new year.
Like the circle of 360 degrees, 365 days of a year also represents a circle of time.
Only a few who learn from the previous circle and
plan for a new circle move vertically in the circle
and create a spring of evolution in life.
For others, it is like moving around the same circle throughout life,
like in the picture above.

What you learn and in what sense you evolve
from one year to another depends upon you.
Some collect bitter memories and experiences and
others in all circumstances collect good memories and experiences.

If you are an atheist then I assure you that next year
I will be with you to create positive experiences in your life
whenever you want just remember me and I will do my bit for you.

If you are an Astika and believe in many Gods
then I pray to all your gods that help my friend
in achieving all whatever Sattva s/he wants to get in his/her life.

If you are an Astika and believe in only one god
then I pray to that one God that please help my friend
in living with you in all the walk of his/her life
and may your love shower upon her/him for the whole year.

If you are Astika and believe in Ishwara of Advaita Vedanta then
I meditate with you to be one with unmanifested God
and manifest all the virtues in nature and lives around in the next year.

Wish you a very happy, healthy, joyful new year ahead.

Love & Regards
Hari Thapliyaal