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Greeting and Culture

Greeting and Culture

What we know, that is because of our efforts
and the support of family and friends.

What we earn, that is because of our luck and work.

How do we greet and treat others? It is because of culture.

Namaste, Namaskar, Vanakam, Namaskara, Namaskaram, Om and Ram Ram Ji
is many millennial Indian culture of greeting.
“Hi”, “Good Morning” is western culture.
There is nothing called cosmic or universal culture.
Choose when you greet, go slow and know what you mean.

In-office when we have to greet a western person
it makes sense to say Hi or Good Morning.
While greeting, it is senseless to tell “good morning” or “Bonjour”
to your Indian language speaking friend’s child.
It is like an Egyptian mother speaking to her child “Ram Ram Ji”.
Nothing wrong, but pay attention to your culture.

We Indians don’t study the culture the way
Japanese, Chinese, American, and European do
but we say our culture is westernized.

The tragedy is the biggest stalwart of leadership
and communication training fails to notice this.
They don’t understand greeting is part of culture
and there is nothing called global or universal culture.

What do you say?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari