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Gate Of Mind

Gate Of Mind

I am a prisoner of the mind
Nobody forced me here
I came here by accident
I don’t know through which what gate I came inside
Because today I don’t see any gate here
When I came here I was a small child
Absolutely nothing and negligible in the world.
That is how I could have entered here
playfully through any smallest possible window.

Today I have become so big
I am big in body, big in money, intellect,
power, relationships, and all my possessions.
I want to come out of this mind but I am not able to come.
How can I come out of my mind when I am so big?
The mind is a prison without any door.
Only one very small window through
which some light of life come inside.
That is why I am living.
I know I am living in my mind.
I know I am not living in life.
I am not living in the existential reality.
The reality in which I live in is the creation of my mind.

If I want freedom from this prison then the only hope is
I should drop all my I-ness and my-ness
Following this method, I will become
the lightest and smallest possible
And then I can run away from that small window
from which light of life is coming in
For that, I need to become as light as light
As untainted as light.

I can fly in that open sky,
The sky without any boundary.
I am boundless and the sky can live together.
Because we both are boundless.
That infinite sky is my home
and eternal companion,
because in real sense I am a life
Which is captured in mind.
My mind is like a hall of solid walls
without the Gate of Mind.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari