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Eyes On The Ground

Eyes On The Ground

Whether I walk, jog or run
If I have continuous eyes on the ground
I will not fall because of environmental reasons.

I may still fall but the cause will be
either my weak limbs or my foolishness.
But I am happy with this,
because I am in control
and I know my happiness
and miseries are 100% my doing.

If I keep eyes on the ground
then I will be able to travel
long with least tiredness
because there is no competition
and I am not walking by seeing others.

If I keep my eyes on the ground
then no drain out of energy in jealousy
or a sense of achievement that
I have done it first, faster, and better.

If I keep eyes on the ground
then no one can irritate me,
because I do not know that
others are traveling with me.
I am lonely enjoying the journey
without a need of showing off,
proving, becoming first.

If I keep eyes on the ground
then I will not hurt those
who is on the ground?

If I keep eyes on the ground
then I may miss the destination
but the journey will be joyful.

Reaching or not reaching the destination
is not 100% in my control.
Therefore, if I keep eyes on the destination
then the journey is also going to be
full of anxieties and worries.

Yes, journey and destination both are important.
Yes, life and goal in life both are important.
Therefore, sometimes for better tomorrow
we sacrifice today and some people say
it is a wise way of living.

Other times we do not want to let
the current moment go.
For the unseen but promising future
why should we lose the moment in our hands
So let us live the fullest in the present
and this is also a wise way.

But whatever we do,
keeping eyes on the ground helps to live the moment.
Even to fly I need to be in touch with the ground.

O Pratibimba, wise people say strike a balance between
present and future, journey and goal
ground and sky, near and far
going to the extreme will cause you pain and suffering.
But knowing this “balance” is not easy.
What do you say Pratibimba?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari