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Empty Space Is Created Of What?

Empty Space Is Created Of What?

To see the objects, places, and events
we keep running in the world from one place to another.
After reaching the place
or having thing around
we rotate 360 degrees around,
up and down the object or the place,
if possible break and peep inside and
this is the way to know the world around you.
It gives joy to humans. It is the human way.

Open space around you or in the sky
is not empty, neither we can that it is not made
We neither can say it is made of nothing

Sit calmly in some open place.
See at 3 feet distance in the air or open space.
Mark one cubic inch space in the open space before you.
Without seeing anything just that space.

Virtually mark that area as airtight and
assume there is no air and no other particle in that area.
Only light and radiations present there.
Now just see the light and space
in that area and nothing else.

Do you think to know this area
you need to rotate yourself 360 degrees,
up down around this area?
Of course not! You will say.

Think what is that of which
this empty space and light are made of.
If you see this space for 5 minute
then think is space same
which did you see 5 min before?

Space before you has 3 dimensions,
I am not talking about 3 dimensions of an object,
I am talking about 3 dimensions of empty space.
from where those 3 dimensions come?

Is there any other dimension
in that cubic inch space
from which 3-dimensional space has taken birth?
It is possible that there are billions of other life existing
in that 1 cubic inch space that you marked airtight?

Do not say you aren’t able to see the light and space
without seeing the objects around.
To penetrate the space
you need a sharper tool than space itself.
To see the photon of light
you need different light than
the light which shows the objects around.

Without being philosopher
Think, which mind can see the creator of the space and
the content of the Light which reveals the world around?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari