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Efforts to Become Happy and Joyful

Efforts to Become Happy and Joyful

We work hard to learn and earn.
This learning and earning helps us buying comfort in life

We think comfortable things makes us happy
We forget there is very weak relationship between
Having comfortable things around and being happy

No matter how much we read and learn
No matter how we have and earn
Happiness come from understanding life
And joy comes from happiness.

Understanding of the world and relationships around.
Knowledge of how to deal with the circumstances and people around.
Helps us in becoming joyful.

If you can know and understand your own mind
Control that better rather than pleasing it all time and giving all what it need
Then it is like, you stop spoiling an adamant child
No matter how much we give them
They always behave in a particular way.
Mind is like that.

Happiness is a habit of mind.
You can never make it happy by you eternal efforts of learning and working
Because all these efforts are in opposite direction of your existence

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari