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Effect of Maya

Effect of Maya

If there is no object then the presence of light cannot be sensed.
If there is no environment on earth then the blueness of the sky cannot be sensed.

Human eyes and brain cannot see light
in the absence of objects and environment.

But still humans out of habit say that we can see light.
This is the effect of Maya.

For some time, clouds covered the sun.
After sometime when you see the sun,
you feel the sun has moved.
But in reality earth has moved,
cloud has moved and you have moved
and the sun is at the same place.
This is the effect of Maya.

We know money can buy comfort and not the peace,
We listen so and so rich couldn’t
enjoy his wealth and he passed away,
Another rich lost everything
he earned in life before he died.
Still human helplessly and madly
runs physical accumulations, comfort.
This is the effect of Maya.

Our own close friends, relatives and
colleagues have rejected us
And still when we are alone
then either due to compassion
or due to jealousy we think too much
about all those who rejected us.
This is the effect of Maya.

Everyday we see husbands and wives are fighting each other
Their children are suffering,
They are going through trauma, rejection
Still when people see opposite sex and get attracted
They say we have fallen in love.
Expecting something different will happen to them
They get married and the same suffering repeats in their life.
This is the effect of Maya.

We see there are many people
who are suffering because of children,
Either children are not in good health
or they are not well behaved,
or they don’t listen to their parents,
or they don’t care for family and social values,
or does something which is heart wrenching for parents
Still couples wants to have children
Expecting something different will happen for them.
This is the effect of Maya.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari