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Don't Be Afraid Of Covid

Don’t Be Afraid Of Covid

We are a body of 15 trillion cells.
The human body is a colony of billions of viruses and bacterias.
Every day with food, water, and the air we consume those.
And they sustain our bodies.
That is why a newborn baby’s body becomes
5 feet or 6 feet in a span of 15 or 20 years.

We have a system that knows what to keep inside and how long.
What to throw out and when.
But this system doesn’t work on our whims or fancies.
Neither it works on how many chemicals medicines we consume.
Nor it works on how much you have in the bank account.
Neither it works on how many likes or dislikes we get on social media or society.
Nor it works on how many hours you do pooja, namaz, or prayer.
Neither it works on how many temple or churches you visit.
Nor it works on how many awards or properties you have.

It works as nature has designed our body.
We are not here to live for always.
Everyone shall pass without fail.
But we shouldn’t fail because of our own foolishness.
At least now pay attention and learn,
how we survive with so many viruses and bacterias.

Even if so-called good thing remains in the system for long term
it is not good for the body.
Learn to recycle this with nature.
Thank god our breathing system, blood circulation system,
the digestive system works properly to cooperate with nature.
If it is out of sync because of any reason then
the body falls sick and collapse within no time.

Welcome corona in your body as any other virus.
Do enough cleaning of your body so that your body
learns how to throw this out every day.

If you wish corona shouldn’t happen to you that is not possible.
If you wish you get repair automatically that may not happen.
The only right thing at this time is daily Tapasya and wakeful living.
Keep your body, cloth, surroundings internally and externally cleaning.

We are a society that always aspired to run towards America and Europe
And today we are asking where are oxygen cylinders and hospitals?
When we don’t care about our nation
and our people then what else we deserve
than today’s health infrastructure.

We are a society that always aspired to go west for higher education.
Today all the world-class universities are available online.
You can study from anywhere.
Most of them offer free courses and
charging only for degrees and certificates.
Don’t run away, work hard and build the nation and society now.

We are a nation that aspired for foreign tours
without knowing the wealth of our own culture.
Today we are realizing even after so many differences,
lack of resources, diversity India is the best place to live.

We are such a society that after 70 years of independence
Our prime minister need to drive
a massive Swacchata Abhiyan for cleanly awareness.

Even those who were clean at body
they do not bother about their dustbin.
Those, whose dustbin is clean throw garbage on road.
Sometimes the body is clean
but the mind is filled with so many negative thoughts
then people need to watch joker’s channels
to keep them in a joyful state!

What is happening?
We don’t know how to clean and healthy on our own!
For the body we need chemicals and for the mind we need jockers!

This is the time to learn about making
our body system, mental systems, psychological systems,
social, political, and economic systems strong.

I am sure by the time Corona comes under our control
we will be a much better and stronger society.
The only question is who will survive to see that society!
No one knows that answer.
But don’t worry too much about that which you don’t know.

O Pratibimba, Keep your system clean at every level of existence
every day, every moment.
Don’t run away from the news.
Avoid propaganda and exaggerations.
News is not negative, our mind has become negative for certain things.
Or our mind has become weak to handle
the emotional trauma happening around us.
See everything, have empathy and compassion.
If you can work, donate and help please do so.
But never be negative.
There are very good days ahead for
our future generation and our nation.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari