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Do We Have A Free Will

Do We Have A Free Will

Religion says there is no free will. Without God’s will, nothing happens. So if there is any free will that is of God. Man is a slave.

Science says everything can be predicted based on the parameters and a good quality model. If a model is good quality and all parameters are given as an input then what you will eat, where you will go, when will you sleep, what you will buy, when you will drink, etc everything can be predicted precisely. AI and ML is proving this. So, ultimately, science is also saying human is a slave and doesn’t have any free will.

A spiritual person says I don’t know for sure, whether God exists or not but I am sure that I am not just a heap of food, ideas, and emotions that science is telling me. But I am much more than that physical nature of my existence. I am responsible for my actions. Rewards and punishment both are for me. What I do using my body and mind I must bear the consequences. It is about responsibility.

When someone is irresponsible either they throw everything on God like religious people do or they throw everything on their compulsiveness like scientists say that you are a complex wave function of billions of parameters what you will do next already decided by your parameters and wave function.

In Corona times or otherwise what you think about yourself at least that is your free. will.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari