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Diwali 2021

Diwali 2021

Prayers and Wishes on the Occasion of Deepawali

Earth has completed one more rotation around the Sun
Time has turned again and once more
Diwali of this year has come at my door
I am ready to go out
To Light the lamp on the outside of walls of my house.
To search those whom I lost in 365 days.
To invite those who went away from me
To share the sweets prepared by sweet keeper
To share the gift and to give the warmth.

The festival of light has come again
At the dawn of my life
Rama and Sita has gone out from home
They are wandering and
it looks they have lost the path to home
Who can show them the light to return back to home?

There is a lot of light in the street and On the balcony
but Rama and Sita are still not able
to find the way back to home.
Maybe our light is not enough
In which they can see
Maybe Ram and Sita has become blind
in too much light of consumerism and glamour.
Maybe they are not interested in coming home.
Maybe they have adjusted themselves
in the forest of confusion
and on the roads of madness.

Ram and Sita of our personality
Has lost the way
They look tired
Perhaps they want to return the home
But in our ignorance
We have locked the door from outside
And want to enter inside by knocking on the door.

There is no one inside
No one will open the door from inside
If you want to celebrate Diwali at your home
Then open the door of your home
Which you closed long back.

You closed the door when you went to
See and enjoy the world
To do the shopping
To make money and earn name and fame
If you have earned enough
then let Sita and Ram enter the house
This time let them celebrate Diwali at their home.

Sita and Ram are the symbols of love in the relationship
Sita is an example of a wife and friend in a tough time of life.
Ram is an example of Maryada, Dharma, bravery.
Maybe if you search you will find
more attributes of your Sita and Rama.
More than what new dimensions you find
It is important that Ram and Sita return in your heart.

In the last year of Covid, so many lost their lives.
Many of the lost were our closed ones.
Bodies don’t turn back.
Memories never leave
till our mind is working normal, and we are living.
May the memories of those,
who are far from you, lighten your heart.
Bring a big smile on your face.
May you share that smile with others.
May you share that smile with your mirror.

May this year Diwali we turn inside
to search our lost Ram and Sita.
May this year Diwali Ram and Sita in you
resolve to dissolve all the bitterness of the relationship.
May they be better guided by love,
compassion, commitment, and chastity.

May a relationship have some deeper meaning for you.
May this Diwali be beyond the transaction of giving and taking gifts.
May it be much more than a business season.
May it be a season of the inside journey.
May it be a season of Ram and Sita’s homecoming.
May it be a season of self-realization for you.

O Chaitanya, may you become more poise, peaceful mind
May you have an intellect full of wisdom
May you have a healthy body
May you earn and get all the success you want
May you return home, at least for one day.
Home, your real home in the waking state of your mind.
May you live in that home with full awakening
and without the substance of alcohol, drug, smoke, or any addiction.
Without any fear, sadness, worry.
May you live like fearless Dharma.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari