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The Logic of Entangled Mind

Continuum of life

Things around us are not full of life or lifeless.
These are two opposites.
This philosophy leads to duality or dichotomy.
Everything which exists has life. How much life?
Before that, we need to understand what life is?
That which takes birth, decay, gets rusted or sick, becomes old, and dies is a life.
Because it has a lifecycle from birth to death.
Based on your interaction with things and the world around
you can consider something less life
and some as more life
but that is your subjective understanding
it has nothing to do with the objectivity of life or life as it exists in the cosmos.

You try to rate the following things based on
your understanding about the quantity of life in them.
Put the highest amount of life items on top
and lower life items below that,
like you put numbers in decreasing order.

You will be surprised if you meet 100 people
they all will sort things differently.
Do not argue or debate or try to prove.
Do not bring your ethics or religious values in front to sort this list.
For the time being, avoid adding new items
or contesting why a particular item is on the list.
Keeping some categories in mind this list is created.

Space, air, fire, water, earth, medicine,
plants, bonsai tree, banyan tree, fungi,
algae, virus, bacteria, sand, mud, stone,
sesame seed, mango seed, mango,
cut hair or nails, snake, spider, ant, fly,
maggots, flour, roti, old roti, rotten roti,
dry daal, cooked daal, old stinky daal,
fish, dead fish, moving plants in ocean,
insect eater plant, chuimui plant, dead goat,
goat, goat’s baby, cow, cow’s baby, human,
human’s baby, spoon, window, floor of flat,
electricity, magnet, dead body,
working brain of a dead body, person in a comma,
sick person, poor person, rich person,
uneducated person, illiterate person, cultured person,
scientist, king or politician, enemy, friend, pig flesh,
cow flesh, goat flesh, fish flesh, human flesh, roasted flesh,
paneer, milk, curd, ghee, cow dung,
vegetable oil, petrol, cream, computer, rail,
rocket, airplane, mobile phone,
computer model and algorithms like GPT or BERT, robots.

If you are interested in sorting these items
then you are willing to think about life
and mystery around.

If not then you believe in a philosophy that do not think so much,
life is already messy, therefore if we think more
that will create some more confusion.
Therefore, eat what you like, and behave the way it suits you
or what is suitable as per the law, make money,
enjoy life, thinking doesn’t solve any problem,
in fact when you consume some substance
and your mind stops working,
then that is the best thing you want to happen.

This is another way of living,
living like a bird or cow or tree of a forest.
They exist and live with little thinking.

O Pratibimba, life in existence is not binary,
It is in the continuum.
So you cannot say this is a living being and that is not.
You can say this is more living and another is less.
Thus, it does not matter how busy you are and how much you work,
when you are working like a machine then you lesser life
When you are fully conscious you are more life.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari