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Choose Your Attitude

Choose Your Attitude

The world around us is either a warfield or playground.
If it is warfield then we keep fighting.
If it is a playground, then we keep playing.
If we are interested in doing karma then
these are two kinds of Karma options before us.
In one karma one gets exhausted and wants to quit,
in another one enjoys and wants to continue the game.

Apart from that if we assume we have some
God given goal, responsibility, purpose, etc.
that is our self owned extra material
it can help us fight or play better and with a different attitude.

Life is a struggle, fighting, and survival issue for those
who see the forest around and find themselves in the forest.
Life is play for those who find all are my friends around
there is no competition, there is no rival, there is no enemy.
There is a game, winning or losing is not important.
Play is important.
There is no enemy or rival,
but we have an opponent on the ground.
We need to play to keep the game interesting
and not for defeating or winning others.

In our playfulness, we harm lesser to the environment and ourselves.
While in a fight, we get injured and cause more injury,
irrespective of our fighting skills.
In Hinduism, we say Devas does Leela (play) and
Asura do yuddha (fight).
That is why we say Bhagwan ki Leela.
We never say Asuron ki Leela.
What attitude we choose for the world around us
and for life is 100% our choice.

Oh Chaitanya, just go and play
all are children of the same mother earth.
Some are crocked, some are nice.
But don’t spoil your game because of some bad player.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari