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Cause Of Pain And Suffering

Cause Of Pain And Suffering

I am a body.
Therefore I must have pain and comfort.
And I can cause pain and comfort for others.

I am a mind.
Therefore I feel love and hate for others.
Hence I feel enjoyment and suffering.
And as a mind, I can cause enjoyment and suffering for others.

I am an intellect.
Therefore I can win and lose in arguments.
I can help other in learning and confuse others.
And an a intellect, clarity and confusion are to me.

If I know myself truly without body, mind and intellect
then what pain, comfort, suffering, enjoyment, win, and lose
I can have and cause to others?

But people saying I am Atman is foolish and bookish.
If people know they are Atman then
where is the place for these bodily and mental experiences?

This is what Arjuna’s Friend saying Mithyachari.
Aachaar (behavior) of Mithya (that which seems but not there).
In plain English Hypocrisy.

Tat Tvam Asi
Yours Truly Hari