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Boundaryless In Boundary

Boundaryless In Boundary

O wise one you know your limitations,
You know your helplessness,
You know your boundary,
You know you have a desire
To live in boundless space
and in a timeless time
A desire to expand your Relationship,
business and influence Infinitely
A desire to live and enjoy
present and future without dropping
your past good moments.

Service to humanity, service to animals,
Service to your religion, a life of morality
All are your chosen way to live
You chose those because of fear or
out of compassion or that is the
the only wise way to live?

You say the human race is most wise
Tell me which race other than human
Seeks infinite thoughts the finite mean
Want to enjoy eternally and infinitely!
Even after knowing that
there were time and space
when and where you didn’t exist
in that boundary, you live today!

This boundary of your skin
Is your created, nurtured, and maintained.
What has been created and maintained
Will be destroyed one day
To understand this fact
Do you need any help from books and other people?

With time walls and boundaries
become faint and weak
No matter how much you maintain them
Yoga and exercise is not to live long
Because no one knows when you have
to vacate house and boundary will fall
Yoga and exercise is to live fully
In the time, when you live in Boundary.

If through some trick or grace
Some wisdom dawn in your boundary
of existence then that this is truly like this.
This is me and this is not me.

If you are able to clearly mark your boundary
Of physical, mental, and emotional existence
Then there is hope for you to
Break the boundary at your own will.

Once bounded know truly
from the experience that I am boundless
Then there is no cry and fear in you
To live longer in a body,
To work hard and earn most to maintain the boundary
To be moral because of fear
of law, society, god, or karma

Because the way of wise is
To live and let others live,
Help bounded to break the boundary
by bounded’s own efforts and wisdom
No other human or god or messiah
should remove my boundary without my wish

The only lord of death has that right
Only with time and suffering
And association with mindful people
can help me in knowing
my true boundary and my boundlessness.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari