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Boring Maths and Science

Boring Maths and Science

Generally people like music, art, dance but not maths or physics. Why? Because people live art, music, and dance so it flows from their life, and people around them receive it like water flowing from a fountain.

But the lovers of maths and physics have not learned to live maths and physics. So, these people look serious and dry. Nothing enough flows from their life that others can receive. But is maths and physics really like that? The answer is a big no! Both are extremely beautiful in fact they can engross your mind much more than any music or dance can. It is a matter of a good teacher around or a deep zeal to learn yourself.

Mathematics is more than Number

Mathematics is not just about numbers, it starts with numbers. It is a human’s language to understand the working of nature. Like all humans can understand emoticons, all who are interested in deepening their understanding about nature and want to model it understand mathematics. Books of physics are written using the letters borrowed from mathematics.

Without maths there is no physics. Without physics, there is no engineering. Without tools and engineering, there is no medical. Then whatever left is art. But that also you cannot do good without basic Maths!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari