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Biological Footprint of Human

Biological Footprint of Human

Birds fly in the sky without footprint,
Animals cannot walk on the earth without a footprint.
Those who want to fly don’t create a nest to live but to rest.
Those who want to walk create a den and die in those dens.

Death happen to birds also
But, their living noticed by everyone
and death known to none.
Death happens to animal also
They leave a rotten body behind
for other animals to eat.

Humans create lots of fuss
Before they leave the planet
they leave thousands of footprints of different types
cloths, shoes, pots, electronics,
ideologies, dogmas, buildings.
They want other people
should notice their departure
But for what?

The biological footprint
which they created have left havoc here.
The spiritual footprints
which they left here
inspired others to live a sensible life.
But this is questionable,
because their followers fight here like animals.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari