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Bhaav-Vivek Balance

Bhaav-Vivek Balance

Bhav (power of emotions) and Vivek (power of intellect)
both are crucial for a healthy mind.
If you are too emotional with Vivek you can be dangerous.
Anyone can twist your mind with some sweet words.
This can make you fanatic.
You become ready to kill or get killed, sacrifice others or get sacrificed.
Whether it is religion or nation or situation or loved one,
when we are dealing with these, striking a balance is a must.

If you become too intellectual without emotion then you become a robot.
Logic, instructions, rules is everything for you
and you ignore human aspects like compassion, love, generosity etc.
It will disconnect you from your humanity.

Politicians or diplomatic minds exploit these two things.
And keep in mind even a child is diplomatic.
Humans need to learn how not to get succumbed and
then repent because of Bhaav Vivek disbalance.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

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