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Awareness and Consciousness

Awareness and Consciousness

Awareness comes from consciousness; they both are not the same. Consciousness is everywhere in the entire universe but awareness belongs to life. Plants, insects, animals, and humans have awareness. When you are sleeping you are conscious but not aware. Body parts which make life, like tissues, cells and protein have awareness. Do molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, and neutrons have awareness? Does the earth, moon, sun and other stars have awareness? Ancient eastern wisdom says the cosmos is not dead therefore even the sky has awareness.

Even after death, for sometime some body parts are conscious locally but body level awareness is lost.

We know awareness is the result of consciousness but at what level of existence do objects become self aware or surrounding aware?

Answers are extremely hard even after so much advancement of science. It looks that because everything is conscious so everything is self aware and environment aware as well. It means even a stone and a piece of furniture is self aware. Question is only of degree. Because it is extremely low self aware therefore it cannot be measured. Like advanced MRI machines can help you measure the kind and degree of human emotions and awareness.

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