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Are you not Nature?

Are you not Nature?

If a man thinks he has done something against Mother Nature
that is why nature is punishing him or going to punish him then
he forgets that he himself is part of the parcel of nature.
There is no other separate nature away from your own bodily existence.

Like a leaf is not different from a tree
and a tree is not different from land
and land is not different from air, water etc.
All together is nature.

But this arrogance or ignorance of separateness from
the nature is seldom found in other creatures on the planet.
If a leaf could think like you then,
do you think a leaf falling from a tree branch thinks
that I have done something wrong against nature that is why I am falling.

Out of our ignorance or wisdom what best or worst a human can do to nature?
He is part of Nature.

Drinking that water and eating that food which is coming from nature
then thinking nature is our victim or we need to help nature is not wise thinking.

It is like a deers in the forest thinking a lion is hungry
so, we need to help the lion, otherwise he may not be able to rule the forest.

Humans better need to understand and fall in place.
Keeping all religions and science aside
we need to experientially know that
we are nothing but a Leaf on a giant tree called earth.

We have come from here. And we will go back to earth to support the tree.
Body, mind, idea, culture all are recycled in and around us.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari