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Are You Feeling Stuck in Life?

Life is not a railway track that goes straight. Every life has ups and downs, it has cycles of movement. But it is easy to say when you are at the peak or rising. From my experience, I can say the following will definitely help one in managing the low time of life, especially when you think nothing is moving in life.

  1. Identify what you truly want: I am stuck, this can be a vague feeling because something in life is not being “right”. When you have these feelings, then you should clarify what you want. What difference do you want? Frame your desires as what you do want to happen. Create a vision board of what you value, and what is the goal.

  2. Change your perspective: Feeling “stuck” can be because of your mindset. With some self-awareness and conscious effort, you can change your inner voice, and your perspective to be more flexible. Ask how else you can see a situation and how you’ll feel about it in the future.

  3. Move your body: If you’ve ever finished the workday with a stiff neck and shoulders, you’ll know that tension and stuckness can sit in the body. This is related to the physical body. Exercise, walking in nature, yoga, etc will do wonders for you.

  4. Set a date and park decisions until then: Procrastination means delaying action and decision. Sometimes you need time to think and become clear in your head. Don’t feel bad that you are procrastinating. Ask yourself how much more time you want to get the clarity and make the decision. During this time keep reflecting and evaluating your options. This exercise will help you commit strongly to the decision you take.

  5. Avoid “analysis paralysis”, take a decision: Once you know what you want, ask yourself, “What’s the next smallest step I could take?” It’s so easy to get entangled with the stuckness that you forget there are small steps that you could take to make progress.

  6. Tap into your agency: Stuckness can make you want to wallow in helplessness. Identify an aspect of your life where you do feel in control and then do something about it. Doing anything with choice reminds you of your ability to get unstuck.

  7. Rest, recharge, and focus on self-care: During a challenging time, keep in mind that you’re responsible for your well-being. Do what you need to look after yourself through a good diet, sleep, healthy movement, and connection.

  8. Identifying yourself with a situation is a problem Say, “I’m feeling stuck,” rather than “I am stuck.” Never identify with the feeling. It’s subtle but essential because it allows you to remember that feelings pass. No feelings or emotions are permanent.

  9. Don’t beat yourself up: Many people like to have clarity and control over their lives.
    So the feeling of being stuck can be frustrating. Rather than beat yourself up over feeling stuck, treat yourself with self-compassion.

  10. Don’t blame others: We don’t live in a vacuum, and others’ decisions and actions can impact our lives. But dwelling on them isn’t productive. Remember that you’re ultimately in charge of many aspects of your personal and professional life.