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An Example Of Web Of Problems

An Example Of Web Of Problems

Whatever can wrong, will go wrong. Today I wanted to file my Annual GST return and this is what happened to me. I don’t know whether this much ever happened to any of you!

1. Wanted to file my GST Annual Return (10 am) ->
2. Need to pull Billing Details from Excel File ->
3. Excel License Expired today ->
4. Wanted to Renew License but for payment this time I wanted GST Bill with my GST details->
5. No option of entering my GST number on Microsoft website->
6. Did research, no outcome ->
7. Call Microsoft, Pathetic Help ->
8. Finally Come to Know for Home Edition GST Bill not available ->
9. In the meantime found since last 3 years MS every year increasing cost of this software around 1000/year (INR 4200 to 5200 to 6300 this year) so to reduce the cost by adjusting GST I Wanted to Purchase Software through Business Account->
10. Went on Microsoft site to create office license under my company name (I have a google private domain name for that)->
11. It asked me to enter TXT or MX record in the domain to prove that I am the owner of the site->
12. Existing domain is a private domain so TXT or MX records cannot be updated ->
13. Existing pmohead@drrxxx.in is customer’s account so no use for me as of today ->
14. Tried my another domain, but encountered a problem that emails are bouncing from there->
15. Researched and come to know that it is because of Cloudflare ->
16. Figured out how Cloudflare works and why I installed this->
17. Now, to make email working I called the hosting company of this domain->
18. They told me to make MX or TXT record entry in Cloudflare DNS and use that Cloudflare provided DNS->
19. Figured out where DNS entry should be made (it should be done at domain provider’s site), in my case my domain is taken from godaddy so on godaddy site ->
20. By default GoDaddy has its own DNS entry corresponding to my domain ->
21. My content is hosted on Hostgator therefore I should enter HostGator DNS on GoDaddy site (it was learning for me) ->
22. If I want Cloudflare should work then DNS records provided by Cloudflare should be entered ->
23. I tried, now emails are not bouncing but not getting delivered as well ->
24. I research this issue further and come to know that this is a common problem that Cloudflare and email compatibility issue exist and lot of struggle to make it work ->
25. Disabled my Cloudflare services for my domain on Cloudflare site ->
26. Made GoDaddy DNS entry as default ->
27. Now my website site stopped working->
28. Come to know that changes will be effective in 24-48 hours, so wait->
29. But then realized that DNS entry should be of Hostgator because that is the place where content is hosted ->
30. So changed the DNS on hostgator, now domain is working ->
31. Still I don’t have any new domain which I can use to purchase Microsoft 365 office business license->
32. Used my third domain RXXX->
33. Earlier I was not using this because I didn’t want to confuse my licensing with too many unrelated domains but now I have no solution ->
34. Created new Microsoft office 365 account with RXXX domain->
35. Now wanted to purchase the license but now it says the cost of the business license itself equal to the cost which I was paying for Office 365 Home Edition + GST. And GST is extra. so the whole exercise is futile->
36. Started looking for an alternative of office 365 -> Found libre 6.2.4 & Polaris Office 2017 ->
37. Download and tried but only Polaris is a little bit near to Office 365 ->
38. Finally took the decision this year I will not use Office 365 and manage with Polaris, free license, or if required professional license. If this does not serve my purpose and a need arises during my data science work then only I will purchase->
39. Finally open GST billing data in Polaris software

The whole 12 hours went to into drain and at 10 pm, I am proceeding for GST Annual Finally

I am sure many of you have burned someday of your life like this. Don’t worry you are not alone.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari