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AI And Free Soul

AI And Free Soul

Human likes certainty but enjoys good surprises
and learns from bad surprises.
To make the future certain and predictable,
he wants to plan future actions, have future strategies.
That is why he loves prediction.

But prediction is possible when statistics and
past data roam together in the analytical human mind.
Individual Human has limited capability and capacity
to access and process past data.
Hence, we needed a machine.
Independent of humans, these machines
can use statistics and data together.
But the analytical human mind gives them algorithms.
This is how AI takes birth to tell you the future.

Now, machines can tell you how much inventory
you need to hold to make an optimal profit,
When you need to advertise to have maximum sales.
How much to produce to maximize profit.
What is there in the given image.
Which next music you can enjoy.
What is the meaning of textual feedback on your website.
What is the sentiment of long paragraph feedback.
What is the answer to your question.
What are the possible question and their answer
by reading a product manual.

We can create AI apps that help you predict the future,
getting gems from the mine of endless data.
You need AI to answer your personal, social,
business, political, and scientific questions.
Now AI started entering into all the aspects of life
like software started entering into every business in 90s
and the phone started entering into
every home in the first and second decade of the 21st century.

Earlier time someone who can tell future we call him god.
Then we called him future teller or Jyotish.
Now we call that AI.

But who knows the future of an unconditioned and free soul?
No god, Jyotish, or AI can tell anything about a free soul.
The free soul has a free will unaffected from the past karma.
Unaffected from Affection (Raga) or Aversion (Dvesa) or Desire (Iccha).
So past data does not drive their decision.
What will they do? No one knows.
Whether they will do anything or not? No one knows.
So all gods, Jyotish and AI are helpless before a liberated soul.

The concept of an unconditioned soul is good.
But is there any completely free soul?
How does he live when he is in the body?

In today’s time when AI can predict
What you will eat, when you will sleep,
what health problem you can have,
when you will buy and what you will buy,
when you will date and with whom,
whether you will have a successful marriage with X person or not.
Whether you will lose money or make money in the stock market.
Who can be your friend and who cannot.
How much ice will melt and how many cities can emerge in water.
Who will win an election and who will lose.
In this situation, human has not become a slave to AI.
But the human was a slave of his own desires.
Which bounds him to action.
Action bounds him to results.
Result bounds him to like and dislike.
Like, dislike bound him to reaction.
And all this data makes prediction possible.
Statistics, AI, and Machine Learning is
just looking at your patterns and telling you about you,
which you completely have forgotten.

But they do not remind you of your real nature
Like ancient Gurus reminded you, “Tat Tvam Asi”
Jyotish, AI, and Future Tells are reminding you
that you are salve of circumstances,
situations, environment, and your own desire.

You want to choose freedom or slavery is your choice.
You choose Jyotish/AI to tell you the future is your choice.
You choose Guru who tells you are an absolute unbound soul.
That is your choice.
You work for your own liberation is your choice.
O Chaitanya, what you desire only you know.

Hari Om Tat Sat.
Yours Truly Hari