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About Yagnya

About Yagnya

A process that has five elements.
A goal, A sponsor (Yajmaan), A Performer (Purohit),
A Deity (Devta) and Material (Havan Material) involved.

Yagnya is not the Sacrifice of an animal
Yagnya is not Sacrifice of even of a flower
English word Sacrifice closely resembles the samskrut word Bali.

A Yagnya is Satvik when the goal of Yajmaan is a public welfare
A Yagnya is Rajsik when the goal of Yajmaan is self-glory,
name, fame, and receiving wealth from the Yagya Devta for himself.
A Yagnya is Tamasik when Yajmaan has not defined the goal or
the process is not followed or dues are not given to rightful people
and all which creates problems for everybody around.

Every little Karma can be turned into Yagnya
once awareness about the Karma rises in the Purohit
So, Yagnya has a lot to do with your awareness,
seriousness and emotions with the action in hand.

Even a very mundane thing that is automatically happening in the body
called breathing can become Yagnya.
How? Once you have awareness!
What awareness?
Awareness of those five elements of Yagnya.

  1. Goal awareness- This Yagnya (breathing) is Giving life to all parts of the body.
  2. Yajmaan awareness- I am different from the body and it is my desire that this Yagnya should continue for the welfare of all.
  3. Purohit awareness- I have a mind and lungs they perform this Yagnya without being lazy to the process
  4. Deity awareness- Prana is Devta of this Yagna, I thank him for reciprocating my prayer
  5. Material awareness- Physical oxygen mixed air is required to perform this Yagnya. May this be pure and clean.

Can we do this kind of Yagnya all the time and every time?
It looks like this Yagnya is very economic,
no need to earn thorough hardship and
then spend huge on doing material Yagnya.

But if you try doing this even for five minutes every day
Initially, you feel this itself is very costly Yagnya.
It is not easy to live in full self-awareness
continuously for even two minutes
especially for those who are starting this Yagnya.

But trust the words of those ancient sages
This the best way of doing Yagnya in your daily life.
If you could do this Pranayam with Yagnya Bhava everyday
It will bring lots of clarity, mental stability,
body strength, and light heartiness to you.

This way you can extend the Yagnya
to other processes of life
From eating, preparing food, walking,
working, talking singing, listening to anything
Just be aware of the five elements of Yagnya.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari