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About Shoonya Zero

About Shoonya Zero

Do you have experience of Shoonya?
Have you seen Shoonya?
If you experienced it then what time and what place it existed?
Is this a thing or that which is not a thing at all?

Does it exist in time and space
of our perceptions as non-matter?
Is it just a mathematical concept to represent
the absence of something which we are counting?

Is it just a philosophical concept to contemplate
beyond time & space creation?
How many Shoonyas are there?
Isn’t it the same Shoonya which we refer to
in all the place and in all the time when we say a certain thing is absent?

Can you fill the Shoonya with something?
Can you replace the Shoonya with something?

When we say Shoonya apple on the table
it means you are referring to Abhava/absence of Apple on the table.
But apple still exists on a tree or in a market or in the other room.

But can we have Shoonya Jingorapp on the table?
Don’t look for the dictionary of Jinorapp!
As per my knowledge, it does not exist in any of the languages which I know.
So Jingorapp is not on the table, nor in the market,
nor on trees, nor anywhere on this planet,
nor anywhere in this universe.

Knowing this, can we say Shoonya Jingorapp on the table?
How Shoonya Jingorapp different from Shoonya apple on the table?

In these two sentences, we are talking about two different objects,
one which exists and which does not exist.
But, these two statements are we referring
to the same Shoonya or different?

Can you refer to darkness as Shoonya?
Can you refer to light as Shoonya?
Can you refer to empty space as Shoonya?
Can you refer to space that is 100% empty,
even a subatomic particle is not there, as Shoonya?
Can you refer to the thoughtlessness state of your mind as Shoonya?
Can you refer to a deep meditative state of your mind as Shoonya?
Can you say my mind becomes Shoonya when I am in deep sleep?
When no surrounding awareness exists
can you say this is the Shoonya state of mind?

Shoonya is about your awareness.
Shoonya is about awareness of something which exists.
Shoonya is about awareness of something which not exists.
Shoonya exists only in one place. This place is called “in our awareness”.
It is not a physical place but a place of mind where creation happens.
Most of the creation of the mind takes physical form.
But this creation of mind never ever takes shape in any space and time.
That is why it exists but does not exists simultaneously.

You can never miss your future.
You always miss your past.
And you miss your past always in the present.
Shoonya is referring to Abhava or the missing something from some past.
Shoonya is related to your past experience,
which you miss to experience in the present.

When you miss some person, event, place that time there is Shoonya.
When you perform absolutely worse in the exam you get Shoonya.
When you spend all money from the bank then ATM denies dispensing money.
Because you have something there but that is a Shoonya.
So on ATM dispenser, you get a Shoonya.
When you fall in bungee jump you experience a Shoonya.
When you are completely exhausted
in your energy you experience a Shoonya.

When you are so engrossed in something
that you lost sense of time and space then you experienced Shoonya.
In a remote vast land, sitting on the earth
when you see the empty sky in the day, you see a Shoonya.
In a remote vast land sitting on the earth
when you see an empty sky in the night, you see a Shoonya.
When you close your eye and miss
your nearer or dearer one then you see a Shoonya.

At any time of your awareness,
you don’t see the light but the source of light and objects which are being lighted.
Similarly, you don’t see the Shoonya
but it gets manifested in the present in all the things
which you experienced in the past but not available around.

It looks like Shoonya is nowhere, but if you look inside your mind
then you will find that it can find Shoonya in everything.

So all of sudden which is nowhere
becomes everywhere but no physical experience.

In 3GL computer programming,
we call this is not a normal variable but a pointer
that is being referred from many places.

But in the case of Shoonya, it is referring to Null.
In computer programming generally null means no address no value
But in the world around us,
it means pregnant with potentialities and possibilities.

Now think, how Shoonya is different from Infinity.
I think the Shoonya is one, the Infinity is one, and the One is one.
There is no Second Shoonya, Second infinity, Second one.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari