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About Relationship

About Relationship

Tell me who is near to you?
Your friend, brother, sister, mother, child
with whom you live and share day to day struggle
or your chief minister, Prime Minister or
president or District magistrate?
All these are names of our relations.

But those who are not near,
whether they are powerful or not how does it matter for you?
To solve your problem once in a lifetime?
And for that, you keep those always in your mind!

Do you experience the relationship or nearness with God,
The way you feel for your own people who are living with you?
If no then God is not required for you.
You are a practical person,
You have managed your life without a president, the prime minister
They are powerful but very far people.
You have managed your life with those who are close to you.

This is the reason sages and saints of
Omkara Dharma traditions tell that be practical.
There may be an absolute Brahmin of the Upnishads
but our problem is not solved by that
and we cannot share trouble and joy with that absolute Brahman.

So they argued with each other for that one absolute God.
But, a devotee tells I don’t care about that non-touchable,
non-available, non-perceptible, formless God or Brahman.
That is useless for me.

Krishna is my best friend, Rama is my brother, Durga is my Mother,
Saraswati is my sister, Shiva or Vishnu is my Father,
This land Bharat is my Mother etc.
These are very close in relation to me.
And it is easy for me to please them as I do to my other relations.
It is easy for me to sense that love in my heart for those relations.
Mirabai, Soordaas, Kabirdass, Tulasidaas
all great devotees chose a dear and near relation with their god.

When Omkara Dharma people
injected the concept of Murti Pooja and Prayer
They knew human life will not get benefited
if a human is not connected to the divine
the way he is connected to his very close relations
So when a devotee prays to Krishna as his friend
He knows that same Krishna is a brother of another devotee,
therefore I should not be unfair to my friend Krishna
by asking him something which will heart Krishna’s brother.
This is called Bhakti bhava.
It is available in relation.

What Bhakti you can have in that God
Who is formless, colorless, like light,
live in space far away from us
Very powerful and very loving
but cruel also when he torturers me or
my family or people of my faith?

This nonsensical imagination of God
makes a sensible person giddy
And makes ignorant to follow like a blindfolded person
Who has jumped into a bottomless well!

Therefore if you want to have God in your life
Then it is always good to have him like,
your very close relative and not like
the president of your country
On the other hand, if you do not have God
in your life then that is much better
At least you will not blame somebody
in the sky for your pain and suffering.

Abrahamic religions tell us that there is only one God.
All others are false gods.
Omkara Dharma tradition says we know all this for ages
For the last two thousand years,
you are not telling us anything new.
This knowledge is it is part of
our Upanishads since many millennia.
This knowledge also has been
a realization by many great people

But we don’t care about that one
because if God is like a chief minister or president
who is not available because of far relationship
Then, I am as an emotional being
cannot connect to him
then he is of no use for me.

When my close relatives can solve my problem
then why should I bother about that one who is too far?
And no one around me knows him surely
about that one God who is controlling everything from heaven.
All are reading a book and telling me about that from their books.
The problem is NOT the book.
The problem is that they have put hard effort to memorize that text
and now torturing me with that old illogical text
which they themselves have not assimilated.

So I feel joy when I meditate or sing or dance
or feed someone who is close to me, nearer to me.
At least he responds and gives me an opportunity to live with him.

This mass prayer in a public place
is just a tool for someone to gain and retain power.
It doesn’t help me much
until I am troubled badly by some external notorious forces.
For me my Mother who is Durga, Kaali, Saraswati
who takes rest in my money purse,
on the alter in my Pooja room,
whose photo is hanging on the wall
reminds me always that She is around me
Like the photo of any other close friend or relatives
on the wall reminds me of their love.

How much is the truth that she is protecting me?
Omkar dharma tradition also knows that
there exists an unbreakable law of Karma.
My Devta or Devi who is my mother or sister or friend
helps me sustaining both the pain and pleasure of this law.

This relative of mine will never bend the rule.
We don’t expect magical or unnatural things from this power.
That is how Omkara dharma tradition and science can coexist.

From where we got this notion of God doing magic?
only one God, one culture, one language, one tradition, one law.
This is a western concept.
They developed it because it fitted them for many centuries to rule.
This “one” is the language of a ruler.
To consolidate the power so that management is easy.
It is the ruler’s perspective. That has some value.

But as a human, society, and culture
we never want to be governed by another human, society, and culture.
There are enough powerful forces within the society
who can balance other parts so that individuals can live sensibly?
But this is possible only in a democracy
Where human is valued and human is a seeker
Not when human lives like a dog
with blind faith in written books or merciful master.

In Indian traditions, every relation has a name
No matter how far is that relation
Whether the mother side or father side,
From wife side or husband side
One generation back or 4 generations back
There is some unique name for it

This is the impact of western culture upon us that
All relation has dried for us
Or they have a plain simple name.
a name like uncle, aunt, mom, dad, bro, sis
And sometimes shamelessly referring
to parents with their first name
Even our sacred and pure relation
with our Devi and Devta has become relation with God!

This God has come in public life.
My Devi or Devta is my private matter
I don’t know who is God, nor bother about that.
My Ista Devata or Devi is not available for public discussion
It is my sacred and pious relation

We are the land of the seeker
We are the land of practical people
We believe in using everything in a very sensible way
We believe in interacting with everything in a sensible way

We don’t care about old white long gown wearing person
hanging in the sky and controlling this world
We feel in our experience that
If I go to the forest with my cows
my Krishan comes with me and protects me and my cows
That is the power of a relationship.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari