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About Indian Secularism

About Indian Secularism

I was thinking, as a society and as an individual
how low we will go in our thinking?

Although I couldn’t define
Indian secularism correctly
yet I have found some signs of Indian secularism.
If you want to add then feel free
to write in the comment section

  • English is a secular language and all Indian languages are communal. Samskrut is the greatest communal and non-utility language.
  • Convent education is secular but Gurukul is communal education.
  • Mahatma Gandhi is secular but Hey Raam is communal.
  • Good Morning is secular but Namaste is communal.
  • Hi is secular and Raam-Raam Ji is communal.
  • Rajiv Gandhi is secular but Narendra Modi is communal.
  • Congress is secular and BJP is communal.
  • PT, exercise is secular and yoga is communal.
  • Twinkles twinkle song is secular and Asatoma Sadgamhmya is communal.
  • Hollywood and Bollywood songs are secular but Devotional songs are communal.
  • Being secular songs, English and Bollywood songs, can be played and enjoyed at any time and at any place but there is fix time and place for the devotional songs.
  • Pant, short, shirt, and tie is a secular dress and Kurta Dhoti is communal old fashion.
  • The constitution is secular but the concept of duty – dharma, is communal
  • English names are secular and Indian names are communal.
  • Hindu Temple is communal places and other prayer places of the mass gathering are secular.
  • Going to a picnic is secular and going to “Teerth Yatra” is communal and for old age Hindu people.

Extended Logic of Communalism

  • Philosophy is secular but Vedanta is Hindu, and Hindu is communal so Vedanta is influenced by communal ideas.
  • Cold drink, alcohol is secular but cow milk is children’s drink and only Hindu has madness for that animal, and Hindu is communal so cow milk is forbidden product for secular.
  • Having a fireplace at home is secular but having Deepak or Havan Kund is communal.
  • A formless God is universal and secular but a God with form is a sign of medieval, illiterate, uneducated communal Hinduism.
  • Roti is Indian but bread is international.
  • Continental food, Chinese, Italian food is international and Indian food is oily, unhealthy.
  • Going to international picnic spots is a sign of richness and pride but going to Indian villages, mountains, and forest is a sign of poverty.

So mathematically it looks Hinduism = Communal = Backward = Anti Dalit = Anti Human Rights = Blasphemous = Anti Science = Poverty = Uneducated = Helpless & Beggar = Conservative = Bhajan Keertan

Secularism = Anything other than Hinduism = Forward Thinking = Scientific Mind = Human Rights = Richness = Highly Educated = Powerful & Charity Giver = Liberal = Big Public Parties

The above equations are hugely messed up!

Whatever good you can see in Hindu society that is secular
and whatever bad you see that is Hindu communal.
I am not pointing a finger at any other religion
but our own so-called educated, English educated,
so-called scientific and creative mind journalists,
poets, artists, authors, columnists etc
are a party of this thought process.
Now when there is darkness under a big lamp
and the lamp doesn’t recognize this then what to do?

On top of that our over-enthusiastic people
claim so many things in the name of Hinduism
which is difficult to prove
and it puts others in a defensive position.

Not sure, in what bottomless pit we are falling?
Without applying mind, if we keep doing this
then there is no hope as well.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari