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About Friendship

About Friendship

The definition of friendship in real life is not the same as in social media. In the age of social media Connecting relatives, colleagues, like minded people is considered friendship. It has its own utility. Having relationships like spouse, children, parents, uncle, aunt doesn’t mean friendship. Friendship is a special relationship. In every life very few relations deserve to qualify for that special friendship. Otherwise all are transactions of give and take depending upon time, place, and situation. The role of people can change from squeezer to squeezed.

It takes time to build relationships, some come from bloodline, but they can spoil because of a few abnormal transactions.

A friend is that person, whose name fills your mind with peace, security. A name, which drops formality and brings a feeling of care. A name with which you feel, it is beyond logic and beyond your physical existence. A name that brings a smile to your face.

With whom you need not to prove.
With whom you don’t feel high nor low.
With whom you feel he or she is part of your emotional existence.

One, whose physical existence around gives a feeling of light heartedness.
Even if he/she is not physically available you can feel him or her in your mind.
Whose body and mind you don’t want to mess with but he/she energizes you.

If you ask something from your friend and it is not given then you understand there must be a valid and good reason and it must be good for either me or for our friendship.

Friendship of the following is very dangerous and can break you unexpectedly.

Highly emotional people, a person who fluctuates too much.
Who don’t know/remember what they said, and just busy in saying anything for the heck of saying. Many times out of habit people say “I love you”, they don’t feel it. This word doesn’t shake them.
Who doesn’t keep his words.
Don’t have the ear to listen to others.
Dull in mind but try to be clever
Cannot reason properly
Are too much unsecured
Don’t have time to know, discuss, share but always jump to conclusion
Those who depend upon others to have friendship with you.
So low in their self esteem that they need others to remind them of their value.
Looks reason to torture themselves or others or relationships.
People who show themselves too busy or too important before you.

Every life has its own experiences of friendship. Every life deserves a good friend. They get this kind of friend or not, it is all fate.
Chemistry in friendship is much more important than physics of have and have not. Depending upon an individual’s emotional and intellectual material they find they can find their own good friend.

In friendship keep in mind.
Don’t judge people unless you are a paid judge in a court.
Don’t test people; they are not your test agent.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari