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About Food And Nourishment

About Food And Nourishment

We have three living bodies embedded together
But superficially it looks one.
When it comes to nourishing, it is our responsibility to nourish all three.
Consuming food that nourishes the
Only one body and ignoring others is not wise.
If you do it willingly, then it is a type of slow suicide.

Since childhood, if you are focused on
The food of only one body then
You cannot experience
your own existence in the other two bodies.
Because it is almost dead or ignored so much
that no voice of nourishment need
reaches your current level of living.

The food of all three bodies is different.
Different foods are rich in different content and different nutrition,
so they nourish different bodies
with different degrees and different ways.

Those bodies are gross or physical or matter-body.
Emotional, intellectual, energy body.
And your causal body, which is supporting your two bodies,
cause of your beyond body existence,
beyond time and space body,
in quality, it is one with the universe.
Sanskrit text refers to it as JivaAtman.
In fact, it is not a body in a physical sense
Because it is beyond matter and energy.

Food can be grain, vegetables, milk, meat,
egg, fish, flesh from other life, or fruits.
It depends upon your culture and geography of living.

Food can be ideas which you get from others
while interacting or observing others.

Food can be internally generated emotions
when you feel for somebody or some cause or some event.
These emotions feed our energy body.

Food can be sweet, bitter, salt, sour, pungent in taste.
And even these six tastes can be in
the different degrees in the different food.
The sweetness of apple and sweetness of sugar
are different in quality and grade.
The sweetness of the emotions of hugging your child
and hugging your best friend is different in quality and grade.
The sweetness of feeling one with your God
and one with your life partner is different in quality and grade.

Some foods are more juicy
And some are more solid
Some are good for your muscles
Some are good for emotional development
Some are good for spiritual development.

When I see the madness of people around the food
I have nothing other than to smile
at the so much focused thinking in one direction
that in other dimensions they become bankrupt.

Two see this, ask yourself,
why some people are very solid in their physical health
But they are bitter in their emotions?

Why are some people, who are highly emotional
for their loved one or God or guru,
but intellectually bank corrupt.
Lost the ability to think independently?
They cannot hear even
a single unpleasant word about their loved one.
Not only that they can disturb themselves
or the speaker, even if a speaker is saying the truth.

Why, spiritually advance looking people,
suffer loneliness and need a crowd around them
to serve them to make them happy.
Where is the feeling and experience of oneness?
Is that only for books or just one-time phenomenon of life?

Why people who are intellectually sharp
cannot stand and run for one mile on a road?
And other times they fail to connect
the miseries and joy of others?

Why do people eat animals but love their pets
so as if they are biological children?

Why do people love their own biological children
but don’t feel the same for other children?
If all this is not intellectual and emotional disability
then what is this called?
If this all is not because of improper nourishment
then what is the cause of all this?

Some much has been written,
will be written on the food that it is an industry itself.
Even well know experts who are recommending
all sorts of healthy food to others
but doing slow suicide of their own in their other bodies.

Don’t we see that super successful people feel alone?
Super rich people living on pills?
Super intelligent people are dry and emotionally dead?
Super wealthy people behave like beggars?
And a muscular person is lacking the ability
to comprehend philosophical ideas?

You think eating two times or three times is a must
otherwise, your overall development will not happen!
People work hard, make money for eating and
see around how many people are really happy!
I mean really happy without any
support of other people, object, entertainment.
They cannot. What we see is not called happiness
but the addiction to food.
They need something and someone
all the time otherwise they will crash.
The presence of other people around them
is food for them to live happily.

You take this modern medical diet system
of fat, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates,
and their sources so seriously
that you don’t even ask questions about
how Yogis or Forest dwellers or beggars are much happier
than you, who work so much just to eat healthy food?

Human is the only animal on this planet
who doesn’t know what to eat, when to eat
and how much to eat even
after living 20, 30, 50, or 80 years on this planet.
We have religion on the food.
We have universities on the food.
We have industries on the food.
We have experts, doctors, nutrition, religious gurus talking about food.

But animals without all this grand system
Who lives a much shorter life than humans
never get confused about what to eat and what not?

It is we who make animals our pets
and dictate their diet and food
as we dictate for our children.
We are confused, we confuse our children
and we confuse animals, birds
and reptiles whoever we take as our pet.

Food is for nourishment.
Nourishment is not only about eating.
Many times, not eating is also nourishment.
Go only juice diet for few days, experience that.
Go only water for few days, experience that.
Go without food for one day and experience that.
Go only with a particular taste
for a couple of weeks and experience that.
Leave one taste for a few weeks and experience that.
Drop one-time food for a few weeks and experience that.

Go on silence for a day and two and experience that.
This is one kind of food.
Sit at someplace for sometime
without doing anything physically and mentally
this is another kind of food needed for your body.

Live alone in a forest or secluded place
without any friend and family
This is another food needed to know your own existence.

O Pratibimba, Spiritual means spirit, it means not matter.
To know and experience yourself as a spirit or Atman
one needs to design many experiments.
Spirituality is not only mental and intellectual gymnasium.
It is also about knowing the self as
beyond physical, mental, and intellectual food.

It is about experientially knowing yourself
as unborn external Atman.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari