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About Experience

About Experience

The tick of the time never stops.
For the body, it simply means from birthplace to crematorium.
Every second, we go close to that place.
No matter, in what direction we run and what we do on this planet.
Whether we are aware or not.
Sleeping or working. Laughing or crying.
Making money or losing. Giving or taking.
The currency of life is time.

You give time and get life to do whatever you want.
When time is over then you cannot buy more life,
no matter how precious work you want to do.
It is just precious for you and not for time.

So from birth to death, a time span of all lives around us
helps us growing continuously.
Physically you will grow.
At least the next day you become one day older.
But is that the only growth?

We are human. We have fuss for everything we do.
We want to do it differently from other lives around us
better than plants, insects, and animals.
Not only that better than the next standing person to us.
But how to do that?

Well, with the least pain and least investment
wants most learning or wealth creation.
That is why a human is called an economic animal.

Learn from other’s experiences, failure.
How? observe them, read books.
So we want to succeed with the least price.
But older people tell us that there is no short cut in life.
You need to burn your time of life
and put your emotions on the task
that is the way to experience life
and that the best way to learn.

There are people who say there is nothing in life to learn.
Just experience, experience, and experience.
No matter how much you learn and who teaches you
if you have to get some more experience of the same thing
then life will discover other ways
and you end up in the same circumstances
even after being conciseness and wanted to avoid.

Who wants to die? who wants failure?
Who wants to fall? Who wants sickness?
To handle all these we run schools,
parents teach their children
and even after this whole enterprise going around us.
We see failures, falls, loss, miseries, etc.

For what? Are these things teaching you something?
It looks just for the sake of creating an experience
life is playing in and around us.

No accumulation helps.
Only heart and mind full of compassion
and body fit to walk on this planet
helps you living and experiencing.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari