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A Witness Of The Transformation

A Witness Of The Transformation

On far top-hill either water getting heated
and then you see the vapors in the sky or
something is burning on the ground and
the smoke is in the sky?If you observing from the far distance
it is not that easy for you to know that
what kind of transformation is happening on the hill.
In one wood is burning and eventually finished
nothing will be left after some time.

In another water is becoming cloud
it will come back again in the form of rain.
Both transformations have their importance and significance.

In one, you need to completely destroy your old and
in other, you need to give directions
to the same energy for other higher causes.
But the people sitting far will not know it
until either, they experience the rain or
they experience the ashes on their fingers.
Shall we bother about this?

Transformation is more important or
people seeing our process of transformation?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari