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A Price For The Wrong Identification

A Price For The Wrong Identification

If someone asks us, who are you?
Or we ask ourselves, who am I?
Or we ask someone, who are you?
What answer do we expect from others?
Or what answer do we give them?

Depending upon the context and situation
the answer can vary but if you analyze the answer
then you will find the answer is referring
to objects and concepts around the answerer.

For example, people can say
I am Indian, I am German.
I work for Toshiba, I work for Infosys.
I am 40 years old, I live in Bangalore.
I am married, I have two children
I have a penthouse, I have a BMW car
I am male, I love playing football.
I am peace loving person,
I donate for the poor children’s education
I am an atheist but believe in universal power.
And it keeps going on.

If you analyze these sentences
then you will find sentences
containing ‘am’ ‘do’ ‘did’ ‘have’ ‘believe’.

How it is different from
I have two hands, two lungs,
I believe I have a soul
I love reading books etc.

Some objects are obvious and visible
so it looks odd to tell about those objects.
So people tell about that
which is not obvious or not visible to others.

Either you refer to obvious objects
or non-obvious things as yourself,
You are referring to your surroundings as you.
You are referring to your actions and beliefs as you.

But in truth, if someone is doing an act of
believing, loving, or having then that is one’s identity.
Is that the ultimate identity of that person?

When people get fed up with business, relationships,
or objects like a car, computer, etc
they leave them and move
to another place and another relationship.
It may be painful but easier to leave physical things.

Because of your time, money, and emotional investment
in those things, mentally you still hold those.
Can you leave those mentally?

Whatever hard method you try to leave mentally
that makes things more sticky and dirty.
It is like grease.

People try different entertainment
or mind engagement activities and believe it will go
But when you see a similar face
or listen to similar sounds, or smells, etc
it resurfaces and the same problem starts.
Why? because as long as you have a healthy brain,
the mind doesn’t drop things.

It is not that simple to drop things mentally
as you can drop your computer
and replace it with a new computer.

But why this problem happens to almost every human being
and we don’t use the correct remedy for this?

All Human pay the price of referring to objects,
and the environment around them as themselves.
And when a problem happens you drop the physical objects
and environment but your whole life
the practice of referring to objects as self
is still held in your memory system.

People take the help of psychologists, music,
live with different people and in different environments
it helps a little bit and this is not the solution.

You live in some house and
your close person dies in that house
some people change their house for better living.
But other people resolve not to leave the house till their last breath
because they enjoy the memories of their loved ones in the house.
Either you leave or live in the house
both are happening because of object referral
or referring to objects and environment as the self.

From books or sermons or spiritual discourses,
we have heard we are Atma or soul or Rooh or Chetan Tattva etc.
But this whole is the bookish idea
It is like you are living in a desert and you learned
how to swim by reading a book.
You ask any person whether he believes in god or not
Irrespective of their answer,
almost all believe they have Atma or soul or spirit.

The tragedy is that they believe.
They don’t experience themselves as Atman.
The tragedy is they say ‘I have Soul’ not ‘I am Soul’
“I have a car” and “I am a car” both are not the same ideas.
“I have Atma” and “I am Atma” both are not the same ideas.
But people say I have Atma like I have a car.

O Chaitanya, “you are not a body” but “you have a body”.
“You are Atman” and “you don’t have atman”.
Referring to nonself as self and
self as nonself throughout your whole life
is the price that humanity pays for suffering,
Dukha and unrest in the mind.

No God, Guru, or Doctor can cure this disease.
The disease causes us bondage.
No Jeeva likes bondage even cattle want to be free.
But because of the wrong Identification,
we become like cattle, slaves of body needs,
environment, and people around us.

Tat Tvam Asi
Your Truly Hari